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Well it depends on if you have like tow users on the computer like you log onto yours but there is also one for a guest to use i can tell you that you cant put two itune libraries on one computer without it sayin that you need to transf songs that are under a diffrenet name so i hope that helps you! Brittyboo

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โˆ™ 2007-05-15 20:46:48
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Q: Can you have two iTunes libraries on one computer?
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How can you stop two libraries in iTunes?

NO you can not

Can one computer have two itunes accounts on it?

Yes it can.

How do you syncronize your iPod to two libraries?

This ipod manage software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, and iPod to iPod:

Can you use your iPod Nano on 2 computers?

You can not use an iPod with two libraries. You are only allowed to have one iTunes library in you iPod at one time.

How do you combine two ipod libraries?

I think that when you go on iTunes you can combine them, if not, well then you could probably just drag each song one by one. :)

How do you have two separate libraries for iTunes?

Holding down the Alt/Option key while you launch iTunes will give you a window offering the option to use an existing library or create a new one.

Can you download iTunes from an itouch to a PC?

iTunes for the computer is very different than the iTunes that you have on your iPod Touch. You can only have the iTunes from your computer when you download it for your PC (not for the Mac, there are two separate iTunes softwares) from Apple's website.

Is it possible to connect two i pods to one computer?

Yes, it is possible because the iPod hooks up to the computer that has its iTunes music on it, so if you have two iPods, you can sync them to the same computer.

How can you download music from other peoples' iTunes into yours?

NOTE: This only works for computers in the same house, or laptops in the same house. This does not work for long-distance. You can do this. First, you need to have two iTunes accounts. One of them will be the main one, which will be the one with all of the songs. The second one will be the one that you want to transfer the songs to. First, you want to set your iTunes to "share" which means that other people can access your iTunes. Then, the other iTunes account on the other computer needs to be open and set to look for shared libraries. When it is open, the name of the main iTunes account will appear on the left side of iTunes. Click on that, and drag the songs from that iTunes onto yours. There is no copyright issue if you bought the song from Itunes- everything should work!

Can you have two different song libraries on two different computers but when downloading songs on one of them keep your songs from the other one?

Yes. When you open iTunes (if you have your iPod connected) a window will come up saying that there are songs on your iPod that aren't in your library. Then it asks if you want to transfer them in tho your computer; Click: Don't Transfer.

Can you have two iTunes accounts on one library for your computer?

Yes you can. You cannot be logged in to both simultaneously. You will have to sign in and out of each one as you switch.

How do you get music on a PSP?

There are two answers.The first one is if you have itunes you can get a usb and connect it from the computer to the psp.Next you copy it to the psp and your done.The next way to do it is the same way but you dan't have to use itunes,and you have to put an audio CD in the computer (If you can).

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