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Can you have two iTunes libraries on one computer?


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Well it depends on if you have like tow users on the computer like you log onto yours but there is also one for a guest to use i can tell you that you cant put two itune libraries on one computer without it sayin that you need to transf songs that are under a diffrenet name so i hope that helps you! Brittyboo


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I had this problem too. I had two different iTunes libraries on two of my computers, and I wanted all my iTunes music to be on one computer. First I used iTunes to load up my iPod with music from my first computer. Then I used an application to copy music from my iPod to my second computer, which effectively merged my iTunes libraries. Then I used iTunes on my second computer to re-sync my iPod, which put my merged music library onto my iPod.

This ipod manage software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, and iPod to iPod:

You can not use an iPod with two libraries. You are only allowed to have one iTunes library in you iPod at one time.

I think that when you go on iTunes you can combine them, if not, well then you could probably just drag each song one by one. :)

Holding down the Alt/Option key while you launch iTunes will give you a window offering the option to use an existing library or create a new one.

iTunes for the computer is very different than the iTunes that you have on your iPod Touch. You can only have the iTunes from your computer when you download it for your PC (not for the Mac, there are two separate iTunes softwares) from Apple's website.

Yes, it is possible because the iPod hooks up to the computer that has its iTunes music on it, so if you have two iPods, you can sync them to the same computer.

Yes. When you open iTunes (if you have your iPod connected) a window will come up saying that there are songs on your iPod that aren't in your library. Then it asks if you want to transfer them in tho your computer; Click: Don't Transfer.

NOTE: This only works for computers in the same house, or laptops in the same house. This does not work for long-distance. You can do this. First, you need to have two iTunes accounts. One of them will be the main one, which will be the one with all of the songs. The second one will be the one that you want to transfer the songs to. First, you want to set your iTunes to "share" which means that other people can access your iTunes. Then, the other iTunes account on the other computer needs to be open and set to look for shared libraries. When it is open, the name of the main iTunes account will appear on the left side of iTunes. Click on that, and drag the songs from that iTunes onto yours. There is no copyright issue if you bought the song from Itunes- everything should work!

Yes you can. You cannot be logged in to both simultaneously. You will have to sign in and out of each one as you switch.

There are two answers.The first one is if you have itunes you can get a usb and connect it from the computer to the psp.Next you copy it to the psp and your done.The next way to do it is the same way but you dan't have to use itunes,and you have to put an audio CD in the computer (If you can).

You must download Itunes from apple You should have the two discs that came with your computer,and on one of the discs is iTunes,along with the other applications. Then just select it and it should install,but if you are just looking for an iTunes disc there is none. Then you do what the person said before me.

There are two ways: The first way is to take the memory stick from the computer that has your songs on it and stick it into the other computer The other way is to burn CD's with all your songs on them then inject them into the other computer, then open up itunes and it will appear

there were two libraries on the titanic. one first class and one second class.

Yes, you can use two iPod Touches with only one iTunes account.

It is libraries if you are talking about more than one library.It is library's if you are talking about something that belongs to one library, such as the library's entrance.It is libraries' if you are talking about something that belongs to two or more libraries, such as an industry association, which might be referred to in general as the libraries' association.

not ppossible you need two separate users on the computer

Yes, All you have to do is install the other to a different folder, or move the already installed one. however you might not be able to run Both at the same time. that's a lie when i try installing itunes again as i need the second itunes 7.5 for my iPhone it says can not install itunes as it is already installed regardless of where you try and store the secong itunes

Titanic had two libraries.

If you have the latest iTunes and use XP: hold the shift key down when starting up iTunes and you will be asked what library you want to use (or if you want to create a new one) :) I have one library with lossless files (classic) and one for my daughter's MP3 files (Nano) OR Two different profiles! Alternate answer: I followed these exact directions and it didn't work. I was asked whether I wanted to replace my ipod's files with the new library contents (which didn't exist yet), or to place my ipod's files into my new library. I chose the second and nothing happened at all. The process simply stopped and nothing happened. Way to go Apple, way to go.

One can transfer music from an iPod to a computer by simply connecting the two devices using a USB cable. Then one needs to go into the hidden folders and copy the files from the iPod. One can then import the files from that folder into iTunes software.

First make sure you have iTunes and an iTunes account. To get iTunes, go to, download and install this. Then create an account. With your iPod you should have got a white cord that connects from your iPod to the usb port in your computer. Connect these two. It should tell your computer you're trying to connect to iTunes, if it doesn't find iTunes on your desktop or in your start menu>programs (considering you're working on Windows). It should pull up for you to sign in, then register your iPod through your iTunes which is a step by step process on the iTunes. And you should be connected.

Yes. iTunes only allows five computers to be authorised under one account, or five accounts to be authorised under one computer, but does not appear to limit the number of devices which may be synced with a single library on an authorised computer.

Be sure that you are downloading the correct iTunes for your computer, i.e., if you have a Mac, download the Mac version, and with a PC you get the PC version. Also make sure that your computer fulfills all of the system requirements listed by iTunes on

This feature is called Home Sharing. You can access music saved on one iTunes computer from another. This will works as long as you have home sharing enabled on both computers, are logged into the same iTunes account, and are connected to the same Wi-Fi. This service is not iTunes Match-related and is free.

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