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Can you have two iTunes libraries on your computer?

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If you have the latest iTunes and use XP: hold the shift key down when starting up iTunes and you will be asked what library you want to use (or if you want to create a new one) :) I have one library with lossless files (classic) and one for my daughter's MP3 files (Nano)


Two different profiles!

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I followed these exact directions and it didn't work. I was asked whether I wanted to replace my iPod's files with the new library contents (which didn't exist yet), or to place my ipod's files into my new library. I chose the second and nothing happened at all. The process simply stopped and nothing happened. Way to go Apple, way to go.

2010-03-19 00:43:15
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How do you merge iTunes libraries which are on two different computers?

I had this problem too. I had two different iTunes libraries on two of my computers, and I wanted all my iTunes music to be on one computer. First I used iTunes to load up my iPod with music from my first computer. Then I used an application to copy music from my iPod to my second computer, which effectively merged my iTunes libraries. Then I used iTunes on my second computer to re-sync my iPod, which put my merged music library onto my iPod.

How can you stop two libraries in iTunes?

NO you can not

How do you syncronize your iPod to two libraries?

This ipod manage software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, and iPod to iPod:

Is it possible to have 2 iTunes libraries on the same computer?

You can have as many iTunes libraries as you want. Hold down the Option (alt) key while you launch iTunes and you will be given the option to choose an existing library to open or create a new one.

Can you have two iTunes libraries on one computer?

Well it depends on if you have like tow users on the computer like you log onto yours but there is also one for a guest to use i can tell you that you cant put two itune libraries on one computer without it sayin that you need to transf songs that are under a diffrenet name so i hope that helps you! Brittyboo

Can you access your music files from a different computer through iTunes?

Yes, you can. If you set your iTunes settings to allow your computer to share your files on a network (Wi-Fi or other), you can access your music files from a different computer. The other computer must also have iTunes and the ability to connect to other shared libraries in the area.

How many itunes libraries can an iPod touch 4th generation sync with?

ipods can only sync with one computer at a time.

Can you download iTunes from an itouch to a PC?

iTunes for the computer is very different than the iTunes that you have on your iPod Touch. You can only have the iTunes from your computer when you download it for your PC (not for the Mac, there are two separate iTunes softwares) from Apple's website.

When you buy a movie on iTunes where does it go?

Movies purchased in the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) are downloaded into the iTunes Library on your computer or i-device. If you use a computer and use iTunes, click the Library selection menu button on the left side of iTunes screen. You will see all the different libraries managed by iTunes. Libraries include Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Books (both eBooks and Audiobooks), Apps, and Tones. Select Movies, and find the movie you purchased. Click it to play on your computer. If you purchased an Apple TV WiFi box, there will be a button like a little box with a "v" on top. When you click that, you can select the Apple TV, which, when connected to a TV set, will cause the movie to be played on the TV. Other purchases, such as games or apps, will appear in their appropriate libraries.

How can you have multiple iTunes libraries?

Holding down the Option (alt) key when you click on the iTunes icon to open iTunes will offer you the choice of creating a new library or selecting any of your existing libraries.

Can one computer have two itunes accounts on it?

Yes it can.

How do you transfer your ipod music into libraries in itunes on a new computer?

you carnt. you need to plug i your iPod then go to start menu, computer, and removable devices. this will then show your iPod. doubble click and the music willl transfer on to the desktop. then copy the folder to your new itunes library.

How do you have two separate libraries for iTunes?

Holding down the Alt/Option key while you launch iTunes will give you a window offering the option to use an existing library or create a new one.

How do you authorize your computer for iTunes songs and apps?

To authorize a computer for iTunes open the iTunes software and select Authorize This Computer from the Store menu.

Can i Sync itunes libraries between computers?

yes, check out TuneRanger

How do you connect iTunes to your computer?

iTunes can be downloaded to your computer using the link below.

How do you get music on to your computer from your computer?


Can you use your iPod Nano on 2 computers?

You can not use an iPod with two libraries. You are only allowed to have one iTunes library in you iPod at one time.

How do you combine two ipod libraries?

I think that when you go on iTunes you can combine them, if not, well then you could probably just drag each song one by one. :)

How can you cancel your iTunes account?

Try to cancel an iTunes account by eliminating the ability to access it on your computer. Log into iTunes and pull down the Store menu. Click Deauthorize Computer and enter your iTunes account password to disable the use of iTunes on your computer.

How do you access iTunes after after downloading to computer?

You access itunes on your computer by opening up the file to where you've downloaded itunes to. You open the browser to where itunes has been saved and will restart your computer once you've clicked on it in order to add itunes onto your desktop.

2 music librarys for iTunes?

not ppossible you need two separate users on the computer

How do you authorise your computer on iTunes?

In iTunes' Store menu (on the menu bar at the top) select Authorize computer... to authorize your computer.

How can you transfer music from an iTunes from a computer to a different iTunes in a different computer?

you can put it on a memory stick

Do iTunes give your computer a virus?

no, itunes is very safe and causes no such problem towards your computer