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Yes, but in order to avoid coverage issues, you need to consider a few things:

1. If you and your mother live together, it would be best if your mom listed your vehicle on her policy. Otherwise, her carrier will most likely deny coverage because the vehicle is a owned by a resident relative (you). The reasoning behind this is that insurance carriers have a right to know about the risks they're insuring, which in this case would be your mom's access to a different vehicle.

2. If you two don't live together, and your mom just borrows your car occasionally, you might run into some problems, but it's not as serious. Still, your own coverage on the car will be primary (insurance almost always follows the car). So, if your mom rear-ends somebody in your car, and you have insurance on the car, your carrier will pay for the damages. Your mom's carrier would only pay if you don't have insurance, and even then, her carrier would probably come after you if you're legally required to carry insurance on the car in your state.

So, simply put, have your mom contact her carrier and advise them that she will be driving a car owned by you, either all the time or just occasionally. They can make the adjustments to her policy and she'll be covered. Keep in mind, however, that if you also carry insurance on the car, that insurance will also be primary.

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Q: Can you have your mother insured on your car without being on the policy yourself?
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Can an insured be removed from a Homeowner's policy without their written permission?

Yes. The primary listed insured is also the owner of the policy. The primary insured can add or remove additional insureds as they see fit.

Can you drive an insured car without being on the owner's policy?

Providing you DO NOT live at the same address as the insured (in Massachusetts)

There is no beneficiary on my mother's life insurance policy?

If no beneficiary is listed on a life insurance policy then the benefits are payable to the insured's estate. The beneficiary can be changed at any time prior to the death of the insured if this is the person's desire.

Can you take an insurance policy out on a spouse without the spouse's knowledge?

Not a life insurance policy....The insured party would be considered the policy owner therefore it could not be issued without their knowledge & consent.

Who is the person who owns an insurance policy?

The insured or the insured's legal guardians (such as parents) is the policy "owner".

As a beneficiary do you own the policy after insured dies?

No. You do not own the policy. You will only receive the policy proceeds after the insured person dies.

Can you take out a life insurance policy on an ex-husband?

Only if he is agreeable to allowing you to purchase the policy. He would be required to sign the application as the proposed insured and you would sign as the owner if you plan to keep the policy yourself. You cannot take out an insurance policy on someone without their knowledge and there must be an insurable interest.

Can you phone somebody about a paid up policy?

If you know the identity of the insurance company or the insurance agent that sold it to the insured, you can call. However, if you are not the insured, they will want to know the reason for your call and your authority to call on the insured's behalf. If the insured has died and you have reason to believe that you were the beneficiary of the policy, ask the insurer to send you a life insurance claim form. You will have to supply information about yourself, the name of the insured, and the policy number. Fill out the claim form and return it to the insurer. It may have to investigate to determine whether you are the correct recipient of policy benefits.

What is California's policy on car insurance for new drivers?

For a new driver to receive insurance in California, you will need to talk to your legal guardian. You cannot be insured yourself, but have to be insured under your guardians name.

How can insured amends his insurance policy without the consent of his irrevocable beneficiary?

The insured can never amend his insurance policy without the consent of his irrevocable beneficiary because this act would lessen or diminish what is due to the irrevocable beneficiary and thus considering that this is a diminution...consent of the IR beneficiary is necessary.

Is life insurance an asset of the insured?

Yes, if the insured is also the policy owner.

What is a Additional named insured?

Individual added to a life insurance policy other than the insured named in the policy. For example, an insured father can have a dependent son and daughter added to the policy as additional insureds. In many instances, adding an additional insured to an existing policy is less expensive than purchasing a separate policy for that insured. In property and liability insurance: another person, firm, or other entity enjoying the same protection as the named insured.

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