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In practice this is very difficult to do anything about. I know because it happened to me. The police weren't interested unless any damage was done to the property, and the council weren't interested unless the pavement was being blocked. Similarly, I am a lawyer and my litigation colleagues said there was pretty much nothing I could do about it except stick a sticker in the window asking them not to park there.

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It must depend on your jurisdiction. If a car blocks your driveway, preventing you from accessing it, the car can and will be towed by the local police and a citation will be issued. Most municipalities in the United States have town and city ordinances regarding how close a driver can park to a driveway. For example, there is a five foot limit locally. The police are happy to oblige when a property owner complains. If the car is parked on private property it certainly can be towed. If you are the owner of property no one else has the right to park their car in your driveway unless you have given them permission.

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Q: Can you have your neighbor's car towed away if she parks in your driveway?
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What are the laws on parking on a public street blocking a driveway in Los Angeles?

You can't park in front of a driveway, or you will get a ticket, and your car may be towed away.

Can i Park over your neighbors dropped curb?

no you cannot park on a dropped curb, you can have your car towed away,

How far do you have to park away from a driveway enterance?

I have a similar dispute with neighbors and police. From what I understand so far, as long as you do not block the driveway and if there is not sign posted, there is no feet as long as you don't block the driveway.

How can you know if a driveway is legal or not?

How can i tell if a drive way is legal or not? i live in New York city on a block where there are more than 10 drive ways and some of them look suspcious i parked in front of a drive wayand i was threatned with being my car beeing towed away please help me find witch one is legal (edited by Jennifer sule and i say i think the driveway has to be gated and signs posted that stated that if you park there that your car will be towed. otherwise that is NOT a legal driveway. this is waht a cop rtold me tonight as i live in Brooklyn and just had to fight to have a car moved from in front of what i THOUGHT was my driveway that i rent from my landlord. no gate no signs... NOT a legal driveway. hope that helps)

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Our house was built 2.5 years ago and our neighbor's house was done 2 years ago About 1 year ago our neighbors had a survey done and found out their driveway goes through our property What do we do?

There is a range of possibilities, depending on how long you plan to stay and whether or not you want to be friendly with your neighbors: * You can sell them the land under the driveway, which could also allow them to tear out the driveway and put in something worse, * sell them an easement to use that part of your property to cross your land, which also means it can be used as a driveway forever, * license this particular owner to use the driveway (or the driveway easement) either annually, or until they sell the house or remove the driveway, * ask them to move their driveway, or * sue them for trespass and force them to move the driveway. Whatever you do, put it into writing and have a local real estate attorney review it for you. If you completely ignore the problem, it will not go away, and the longer you wait, the more rights the neighbors may have (laches, estoppel, easement by prescription, adverse possession).

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How can you retrieve a car towed from a tow away zone in Brooklyn NY?

If your car was towed out of a tow away zone in Brooklyn, New York, you can call 212-TOW-AWAY to find out where it was taken. Or you can call the local police precinct if your car was not towed but stolen.

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