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You can have light bleeding a spotting during early pregnancy but heavy, normal bleeding exactly like a period is unlikely.

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Q: Can you have your period throughout your pregnancy?
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Can i be pregnancy and have my period?

yes you can. I have had a couple of friends who have continued to have their period throughout their pregnancies

How many women have a period throughout pregnancy?

none its impossible

If you didnt have a period throughout your first pregnancy can you have it throughout others?

It is very unlikely that you will ever have a period during your second pregnancy as when you have a period, it is a mature egg that was not fertilised. If you want anymore info on any of these topics, then you can contact me on

How long can a woman be pregnant without knowing?

through her whoel pregnancy. if she is heavy or has a period throughout her pregnancy.

Can you be on your period throughout your pregnancy?

No, it is biologically impossible to menstruate while you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant and have your period will a pregnancy test work?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have continued to get my period fairly regularly throughout this pregnancy. So far I have not got a positive test.

Can you still get your period throughout your pregnancy?

no, but what you may get is called spotting. This is usually less blood than a period and is very common.

Is it normal to have bleeding in 9th week of pregnancy?

This isn't uncommon. I have known people to have there period throughout their whole pregnancy. But, you should consult a doctor if your concerned

How many days does a pregnancy period last?

Pregnancy period? Its not possible to have a period during pregnancy.

Are u supposed to miss your period the same month you have intercourse if your pregnant?

Most women miss there first months period after becoming pregnant. Some have their period throughout pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant even when you have signs of the next period?

yes you can. You can actually have periods throughout the pregnancy although it is more common to not have regular menstrual cycles during pregnancy

Can you conceive a day before your period and experience spotting?

You can conceive at any time throughout your cycle, including during your menstrual period. Spotting generally occurs during implantation and other times throughout a pregnancy. Spotting can also occur just before or just after a menstrual period. If you are concerned you may be pregnant, you should obtain a pregnancy test.

You have your period but symptoms of being pregnant?

Possible to be pregnant. Some pregnant women have their periods every month throughout their pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're farther than 2 weeks along AFTER your period ends.

Do breasts stop growing?

Breast size fluctuates throughout a woman's life (e.g. pregnancy, period, weight, etc.).

Should you call your doctor if your period is a week late and the pregnancy test is positive?

Yes. Having regular checkups throughout your pregnancy is so important for the child's health and your own.

What kinds of pregnancy massage are there?

Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, movement, and Oriental-based therapies, may be applied throughout pregnancy as well as during labor and the postpartum period.

Can you have a period with an ectopic pregnancy?

can i still have a period with a ectopic pregnancy

Is it possible for a woman to still have a regular period throughout her pregnancy?

Your period stops when you become pregnant. Some women do bleed a little while pregnant but it is not a regular period and a doctor should be consulted.

Is it possible to be on your period and still be pregnant?

yes,people can get a period while pregnant, although it would normally be lighter. Take a pregnancy test if you are unsure, or see a doctor. Yes. I have known people who had a period throughout their entire pregnancy. All you can do is keep giving yourself the pregnancy test in the beginning to find out or go to a doctor to confirm.

Can you pregnant you have a period finich after 2 day?

Yes, you could be pregnant if you had a period finish after two days. Some woman have what they assume are menstrual cycles throughout their whole pregnancy. The best way to know for sure if to take a pregnancy test.

Can you get pregnant with Mirena and still get your period?

Pregnancy on Mirena is unlikely. Pregnancy with a period is unlikely. Pregnancy on Mirena with a period is very unlikely.

How is a period during pregnancy different?

During pregnancy, the period stops.

What is the pregnancy period of the whale?

The pregnancy period of the whale is 5 seconds

When do the female breasts stop growing?

Breast size fluctuates throughout a woman's life (e.g. pregnancy, period, weight, etc.).

At what age do breasts stop developing?

Breast size fluctuates throughout a woman's life (e.g. pregnancy, period, weight, etc.).