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Yes! Thousands of couples get married at Walt Disney World every year. Walt Disney World is one of the most popular wedding venues in the nation. A huge variety of venues for the actual wedding are available, including the Fairy Tale Wedding Pavilion, a private island near the Grand Floridian. You can get married indoors or outdoors at the Yacht Club, Wilderness Lodge, the Polynesian and inside the theme parks. You can even get hitched at Pleasure Island, or inside a runaway elevator on the Tower of Terror! It's not cheap, though. A wedding with 6 or fewer guests including 4 nights lodging, park admission, an officiant and one celebration dinner will set you back about $4,000. That seems like a lot, but it includes a musician, flowers, a limo and your own personal wedding coordinator. You can also rent Disney characters to round out the guest list, starting at $600 for a half-hour. Or you can get married secretly on a ride just( no cake or celebrations until after The park closes.)

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Q: Can you have your wedding at Walt Disney World?
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