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Can you hear the fuel pump if it is broken?


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2015-07-15 21:04:53
2015-07-15 21:04:53

All you need to do is put your keys in the ingnition and turn it so your console comes on with all your warning lights( turn twice the key that is but don't turn the engine on. nor turn it over. and if you her a humming noise the fuel pump is fine it may be someting else. if not the fuel pump is dead and you will need a new one.)


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If you hear the fuel pump run that is a good sign it is working however, a fuel pump pressure test would tell you if the pump is meeting the required pressure.

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The fuel pump may be defective or the fuel filter may be clogged. Replace the fuel filter if you hear the pump run when you first turn on the ignition without starting the engine. It should run for a few seconds. If you do not hear the pump running, check the fuse and the fuel pump relay. If you hear it run and after replacing the fuel filter you still have no fuel, the pump is defective and must be replaced.

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When u turn key on , you should hear a humming for a few seconds. this is the fuel pump priming (sending fuel up the line). If you don't hear it, fuel pump is not working.

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If you hear the fuel pump running, then start by replacing the fuel filter. If you don't hear the pump, check the fuse. A fuel pressure test will verify if the pump is good or not. It can also be a fuel pump relay or in rare instances a defective ECU.

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