Can you help Navy man now retired never told navy he was divorced and remarried and still receiving pension and now scared to apply for medical thinking they throw him in jail?

I'm a Navy vet.

First of all, don't share any unnecessary information that you are not asked for.

If you can, talk to a claims rep from VFW or DVA, they will act almost like your "free attorney". These guys know the system better than anyone. Do not deal with the government directly without going through one of the veteran's organizations if there is anything "complicated" about your case, such as the hypothetical case you are describing here. It is possible that too much time has passed and there is a sunset provision or a statute of limitations. Also, don't confuse the military accounting system with the VA benefits system. They are totally separate agencies of the government. VA just wants your medical/military records and DD-214 to find out whether you are eligible for their benefits.

Good luck sailor.

- Former Navy SWCC