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Can you hook up a ds to a ps2?


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No. Why would you think that you could hook a Sony product up to a Nintendo DS


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No there is currently no way to hook up a Nintendo Ds to a Nintendo Wii system.

ya you can hook it up to any PC or laptop if they are usb enabled. most are.

its easy all you have to do is find a wi fi network and hook up to it. Also read the DS wifi booklet

Hook your DS and your Wii up to Nintendo Wi-Fi.

No, a DS emulator is not compatible with the PS2

With an ethernet cable from your router or modem

NO... ps2 doesnt use wii remotes. there is no way to hook up the wii drums to a ps2

you can not ps2 is made by sony ds are made by Nintendo

You don't PS2 are connected to a TV for A/V

on certain games they ask if you would like to hook up to the wii you click on yes and if you are in the same room and you wii is on and you have all the games you need it will automatically hook up. you have to be on both games ( so you have to have the ds on animal crossing wild wold and have to have the wii on Animal crossing city folk) and you have to have the wii saying trying to connect to ds and the ds saying the same thing!!!

No. Wii controllers are wireless, and entirely different from those of the PS2. Also, Wii is of Nintendo, while PS2 is from Sony.

You cant because the DS, DS Lite, and DSI all use wireless connections. i know because i have one

No it is not possible to hook up a PS2 controller to a PS3 without an converter. The PS3 was never designed to use PS2 controllers, and even with a converter the controller will not feature all of the functions of the PS3 controller. It may be possible to rig a PS2 controller to work without a bulky converter, but you would have to build it yourself.

No a DS game is software designed to work on the Nintendo DS and a PS2 can not run the software with different hardware than a Nintendo ds

(sadly) no there isn't be a CoD 4 on the ps2. but it is on the ds, x-box 360, and the ps3, and the computer. i wish there was one on ps2. i only got a wii, ps2 and ds. i got CoD 4 on my ds.

Well, there are ways to do it, but the best way is to not do it at all.

* You get the new ps2 itself * a controller * a memory card * two wires: one to hook up the ps2 to the tv and the other to plug in the ps2 for electricity.

If you have a PS3 then just hook it up in the usb port on the front. If you have an Xbox just hook it up in the front as well. If you have a PS2 hook it up in one of the lower controller ports. If you have any more questions I will be glad to answer them. :)

Call of duty 5 world at war is on DS but not on ps2

The same way you connect it in your home TV. You just need to have a place for Power and TV connection for the PS2

Buy a two-way splitter and hook it up. Then all you should need to do is flip a switch. I have a three-way one in which I have my Wii, my PS2, and my satellite box hooked up. A flip of the switch is all it takes.

You cant there is no port in your DS to connect to the gameboy advance you need 2 Ds or 2 Gameboy advances

For dial up kind of for broandband no

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