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No, not if the quit claim was a legal transfer under the BK laws. If it was not an allowable transfer the BK trustee/court may dismiss the quit claim and the property may be subject to BK action.

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Can you include your home in a bankruptcy after the bankruptcy has already been discharged?


Can you include payday loans in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?


Can you keep your home and include it in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?


Can you include payday loans in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Maryland?


Where can someone find the chapter 13 bankruptcy laws?

There are a number of websites that cover chapter 13 bankruptcy laws. Some websites that you may want to visit include the US Courts, Total Bankruptcy and the court website of your state.

Can you include taxes owed from 2008 in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filled in 2009?


Can you include alimony in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Alimony and child support is considered to be non-dischargeable.

Where can one find something about chapter 11 bankruptcy filing?

The US Courts is the best place to source information regarding chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Here you will find valuable information including how the chapter 11 bankruptcy works. Other sites that provide information include; Investopedia and Wikipedia.

Can you include taxes owed from 2007 in a Chapter 12 bankruptcy filed in 2008?

I believe you pretty much have to.

What schedule do I list garnishment on chapter 7 bankruptcy?

i receive a judgment for ganishment but i have other bills which i qualify for chapter 7 does it get dismissed if i include it in the bankrutpcy

Can you include your car in a bankruptcy after the bankruptcy has already been discharged?

If you have forgotten to include a debt in your bankruptcy, you can amend your petition to include the debt in your bankruptcy. In case of a chapter 13 filing, you must amend your payment plan to include the forgotten debt. In some cases you may not have to file an amended petition in a Chapter 7 case especially if there are no assets for distribution. The court will allow you to write off the forgotten debt but you must provide proof of your bankruptcy filing to the creditor otherwise they will not be aware of your filing and will continue with the collection activity. If the debt was incurred after the filing but before discharge, you may have to file a new petition including the debt after requesting the court to dismiss your existing petition. For an official opinion, it is advised you seek legal counsel.

What is full bankruptcy service?

Generally, it means a bankruptcy prepared by an attorney who also represents you in the 341 meeting required by the bankruptcy law. In a Chapter 7, it usually does not include representation in motions for relief from stay, objections to discharge and other possible responses to the bankruptcy. Chapter 13s usually require more services, and cost a lot more.

Are there different kinds of bankruptcy attorneys?

As there are different chapters of bankruptcy, a bankruptcy attorney may be more familiar in handling certain chapters. These chapters include Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. There attorneys that can advise you which chapter to file for and then help in handling the entire process, while others simply consult without providing execution. It is best to contact attorneys directly, to find out what services they provide.

Can you file bankruptcy?

In order to be able to file for bankruptcy you must be able to meet certain qualifications. These qualifications differ from chapter to chapter and whether the filing is for a business or for an individual. The qualifications include the type of debts and the monetary amount of the debt. The article below lists the various qualifications for each type of bankruptcy.

Can you include back child support payments in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

No child and/or spousal support are not dischargeable in a chapter 7 BK. It is my understanding that child support, student loans, taxes owed, and things along that line cannot be included in a bankruptcy.

What kind of bankruptcy is it called when you only include credit cards?

Chapter 7. The credit cards would be unsecured debts.

Does a personal chapter 7 bankruptcy cover a corporation personal guarantee?

Yes, if you include the guarantee you made to the creditor in the bk.

Is there a law that prevents getting a mortgage after Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

No. Such a law would violate bankruptcy law, which prohibits discrimination by reason of bankruptcy. The problem is usually getting a mortgage because of credit scores, which include many factors including the reasons for filing bankruptcy.

How easy is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is not easy. You must first make some big decisions-such as which Chapter to file under and what to include-and then there is a ton of paperwork and many, many different steps. Life after bankruptcy is also not easy. There are a great many things you will need to do in order to recover from bankruptcy.

Can you include judgments in bankruptcy?

Yes in a chapter 13 but you should definitely consult your lawyer to make sure all kinds are ok. And note filing them in a bankruptcy,unfortunately, doesn't always get rid of them.

Can you file chapter 13 on a land contract?

A bankruptcy (either 13 or 7) is filed by a person and is to include ALL debts, not a particular contract. You should speak with a bankruptcy lawyer to find out if you qualify and what debts would be discharged or reorganized under a bankruptcy.

You are on chapter 13 already can you now add your mortgage to it?

You should be able to amend your plan to include it.

What if don't include your house in our chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You have deliberately perpetrated a fraud on the court and creditors and may face federal prison time if convicted.

Can you include payday loans in Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California and if so how long do the loan have to be in default becfore you can include it?

yes you can aslong as it 's under $1150.00 if over need to wait 60 day !@!@!!

What can you lose in bankruptcy?

This is largely dependent on the chapter of bankruptcy that you're filing under. Is it for an individual? Is it for a business or a corporation. I will take the most common type of bankruptcy-Chapter 7-for an example. Under Chapter 7, the bank is technically allowed to take personal assets and property and liquidate it/them in an attempt to pay back debtors. But there are a number of exemptions and for many people, they do not lost personal items after filing for Chapter 7. Common exemptions when filing for bankruptcy include tools of the trade-such as a car that is used to commute to and from work-and clothing under a certain dollar amount. The article below lists many of the possible exemptions for different chapters.