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You can and should include the bounced checks, but that will only take care of any civil liability.

If the criminal case results in a fine or jail sentence, the bankruptcy will have no effect on that. If the criminal court orders restitution, chances are the bankruptcy will not affect that either, but some states have different rules.

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Will bankruptcy show up on a criminal record check?

Bankruptcy will not show up on a criminal record check. A more detailed background check could include credit reports which would show the bankruptcy.

What do you answer when asked for your reason for filing bankruptcy?

A person should be absolutely truthful in everything they include in their bankruptcy petition. They should always keep in mind they are presenting evidence under oath. Any information that is given that is intentionally false or misleading can result in the dismissal with prejudice of the bankruptcy, and possibly other penalties. It is also a criminal offense,though criminal charges are seldom brought. The truth might be embarrassing, but it is the only safe and ethical option.

How do I include criminal charges in a bankruptcy?

You cannot, BK is civil law. Also, if you have judgments against you due to drunk driving or intentional torts, then those debts are not dischargeable. to the above answer.... umm.. your high,, probably best not to give legal advice especally when you have NO CLUE what you are talking about,, Yes.. in fact you can include judgments and tort cases.. there are forms for it,, they are called "sched d, and sched e" Im a paralegal, specializing in chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.. had my degree since 07,

Do you have to include the IRS in a bankruptcy?

Of course, it is immensely important to include IRS in a bankruptcy. If you don't some bad naughty things could happen.

Which companies offer information on bankruptcy?

Some companies that offer information on bankruptcy include Dow Jones and Jacob Meyers Bankruptcy. You can also find information on bankruptcy on the bankruptcy Wikipedia page.

Can you pick and choose what you include in your bankruptcy?

You have to list everything in you bankruptcy. You may reaffirm what ever you chose to.

Can you include probation fees in bankruptcy?

No. Obligations to the government cannot be discharged through bankruptcy action.

If you are a landholder on a home and the person files bankruptcy will they be able to include the debt they owe you into the bankruptcy?

They can include it, but the creditor/landholder can file a relief of stay to have the debt excluded from being discharged in the bankruptcy. The decision of what debts are to be discharged are determined by state and/or federal law and the bankruptcy judge.

If you are an additional card holder on a parent's credit card account and you file bankruptcy will the bankruptcy appear on their credit?

The bankruptcy will appear on their credit if you include this card in your bankruptcy. If you leave the card off the bankruptcy, it will not effect their credit.

Do you have to include student loans in bankruptcy filing?

can you file student loans on bankruptcy no. But yes you do have to list them in your bankruptcy. And No they will not discharge the debt on them, if they are federal student loans.

Can you file bankruptcy and own a home?

You can but three things can happen depending on which type of bankruptcy you file. 1. You can either include the home in the bankruptcy and move out. 2. You can declare the house and exclude it from the bankruptcy and continue paying the mortgage. 3. You can include it in your bankruptcy and work out a payment plan with the court to continue paying the mortgage. The short answer is 'yes' you can file a bankruptcy and own a home.

Can home owners association fees be included in a bankruptcy?

Your bankruptcy attorney can help you decide what to include in your filing petition.

Can you file bankruptcy on a truck repo past due loan?

No, if you mean, can you single out this debt to "file bankruptcy on." You file bankruptcy on ALL your creditors. You don't get to pick and choose. But you can certainly include such a debt in bankruptcy.

What are the steps involved in claiming bankruptcy?

There are several steps involved in claiming bankruptcy. Some of these include: finding and contacting a licensed trustee, applying for bankruptcy, and paying the subsequent court fees associated with filing a bankruptcy.

Where would one find a FAQ for Bankruptcy?

There are many different online websites that contain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about bankruptcy. A few of these websites include Bankruptcy Action, SpringBoard, Legalzoom, and Total Bankruptcy.

Is a credit line on your house included in bankruptcy?

That is up to the person filing the bankruptcy. You can include or omit any debt that you choose.

Can an old creditor ask for money if you did not include them in a Bankruptcy?

Yes. If they were not included then the bankruptcy doesn't apply to any debt owed to them.

Can you include payday loans in a bankruptcy in Kansas?

YES. Any debt can be included in a bankruptcy petition. It is up to the bankruptcy court to determine which debts will be allowed to stay in. info@usconsumerpros.com

What are the consequences for writing bad checks?

There could be several consequences, both civil and criminal. On the civil side you could be liable for fraud, which could include both compensatory and punitive damages. You would also be liable for any bank fees from your own bank for bouncing a check. You could also be liable to the recipient of the bad check for bounced check and late payment fees if any. On the criminal side, you could faces charges of theft by deception, fraud, or writing a bad check if you obtained something of value and gave a bad check in return for it.

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