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I don't think so. In most states tickets are issued to people, not cars.


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Points on your dmv printout for tickets, etc.

you can request a hearing with the dmv, were these parking tickets? DId you have licencse plates stolen? Did you loan car out? you can request a hearing with the dmv, were these parking tickets? DId you have licencse plates stolen? Did you loan car out?

You need to inquire at your state DMV to determine how to transfer the title properly.

To check if you have any driving tickets you can contact the DMV in your area.

You need to contact the DMV and inquire there. They can trace the transaction and if necessary can reissue the certificate of title if the first one was lost in the mail. You should make certain all the information the DMV has is correct, especially your address.

You need to speak to the DMV about this.

Depends on the points system in your state and the points on the tickets (also depends on if you can still afford insurance). Check your state DMV.

Inquire at the state DMV. They will give you exact procedure.

Just contact your local DMV or DPs depending on who handles ticket in your city and ask them if you have any tickets.

Contact your local DMV and get a copy of your record.

Contact your local DMV and they can advise you.

No. An individual cannot "create" any title to property. You should inquire at your DMV.

In some states of US it is considered a vehicle. -You would have to inquire at your state DMV.

Laws on this vary by state. Inquire with your state's DMV.

A power of attorney expires upon the death of the principal. You cannot use it to sell your mother' car because it is void. You should contact your local DMV to determine what is required in your state to sell a motor vehicle belonging to a deceased parent. Most probate courts have an expedited process when there is a small amount in assets such as a car. Inquire at the DMV and at your local probate court.

The DMV will charge a small fee to renew a license, but the amount will differ depending on your state. Call your local DMV to inquire about prices for driver's license renewal.

You should have gone to the DMV when you bought the car. They hand the license plates to you when you register it. If your state does it differently, you need to phone them or go to DMV.

You can apply for it at the DMV.

You can do a DMV lookup by visiting the DMV website and looking for the options for DMV lookup. Searching for the title on your old car may not be possible if you are not the current owner.

Sure does. No matter where you go, traffic tickets and driver licenses issues will always follow you unfortunately.

If it is paid off, see your local DMV.

take it to the dmv. or get in touch with your secretary of state. I think the laws vary depending on where you are, but in many places you have to be in a position of certain authority in order to get that information from the DMV.

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