Can you insert the nuva ring if your period hasn't came?


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Yes. If it's your first cycle of Nuva Ring, be sure to use a backup birth control method, like condoms or abstincence from vaginal sex, for the first seven days.

If you've been using it before, take a pregnancy test, and, if negative, insert the next ring.


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If you insert NuvaRing before your period, you may skip that period, or it may be lighter. You also may have bleeding between periods.

Inserting a NuvaRing may stop a period, or may just make it lighter. The effects are unpredictable, but you can give it a try.

When you stop Nuva ring, you'll normally have the usual withdrawal bleeding you experienced in prior months of ring use. After that, if you had regular 28 day periods prior to using Nuva Ring, you can expect your next period in 4-6 weeks.

Nuva Ring won't reduce the risk of pregnancy you had before you put it in; it does not work as emergency contraception.

Yes, it's normal to insert a Nuva Ring while you're still bleeding.

Yes, the next period typically comes in 4-6 weeks if your period was regular prior to using Nuva Ring. If your period was irregular before Nuva Ring, it is likely to return to its prior irregular habit.

Putting Nuva Ring late, or stopping use of Nuva Ring, can change your bleeding pattern.

I am in my seventh week and I 'm seing brown and some red blood when I pass my water,no cramps is that normal? This is my question

Of course it is a possibility..but I wouldn't worry about it yet. I am currently using the Nuva Ring....when I take it out on Sunday I do not get my period until Wednesday and it is finished by Saturday. That is some of the perks to the Nuva Ring is that your period is light and short.

Check this associated website, or just Google NuvaRing I just started the Nuva ring and leave it in for 4 weeks and then insert a new one. After talking to my doctor, she told me that the Nuva ring was approved by the FDA to be used continiously. The Nuva Ring is good for 34 days, if I remember correctly. So I have not had a period for the last 2 months. It has been great!

Yes, that happens sometimes with Nuva Ring.

When you take out Nuva Ring for the last time, you'll probably experience your usual withdrawal bleeding. After that, usually your next period is in 4-6 weeks. If you were irregular before using Nuva Ring, you will probably go back to that irregular habit after Nuva Ring.

When you stop using the Nuva Ring, the timing of your cycle may change. You may or may not keep getting your period at the same time of the month.

I leave my nuva ring on for 4 weeks. When i take it off, i get my period 3 days later. By the time it's time to put the nuva ring back in, im off my period. It's great!

Yes, that is common, especially in the first months of use. Just keep using the Nuva Ring, leaving it in or taking it out according to the schedule on your calendar, regardless of any bleeding. You can use tampons or pads even with the Nuva Ring in place.

Coming from a person who uses the Nuva Ring, I can say from experience that this is normal. The Nuva Ring is specifically designed deliver a low dose of hormones all the time. When you take out the Ring, your body recognizes that is it not receiving those hormones and it has it's period. When you don't give your body the hormones, it has it's period.

If 1,000 couples use Nuva Ring perfectly for a year, three will get pregnant. Since there are no perfect couples, pregnancy rates with typical use are higher than that, but there are no good data to date on typical failure rates with Nuva Ring. It's probably lower than typical failure rates with the pill, for which 8 pregnancies can occur among 100 couples using the pill for a year (higher for teens). Protection with Nuva Ring starts immediately if you insert it on the first day of your period. If you insert it at other times, you should use a back up method of birth control, like condoms or abstinence from vaginal sex, for 7 days.

Yes, it is. Keep using the Nuva Ring according to the calendar, leaving it in for three weeks and taking it out for seven days, regardless of bleeding.

After you take out your last Nuva Ring, you'll probably have your usual withdrawal bleeding. After that, your next period will probably come in 4-6 weeks, if you were regular prior to using Nuva Ring. If your periods were irregular before the ring, they'll probably return to their irregular habit after you stop the ring.

Yes. Inserting it early does not reduce effectiveness. Only late insertion reduces effectiveness.

That's not necessary. You just have to insert or remove Nuva Ring on the same day of the week. The time of day is not critical.

you know if it's placed correctly if you cannot feel it. if you feel it at all then you didn't push it up far enough. i used a tampon applicator to insert the nuva ring. so it goes up farther.

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