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yes but I wouldn't perscribe it unless you were sure you knew what you were doing but yes it's possible but you must follow all the directions on how to install one but it's probably best if you have never installed one to let someone who knows what they're doing so you don't make a big mess.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-16 15:51:01
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Q: Can you install a downstairs toilet yourself?
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Can you install toilet and sink downstairs?

yes, by eating it

How do you install a downstairs toilet?

This is way too complicated for the average homeowner to do. I srongly suggest calling a plumber.

How long does it take to install a new toilet by yourself?

The time it takes to assemble and install a new toilet is about one hour.

Why would toilet upstairs cause toilet downstairs to flush?

The downstairs toilet is not properly vented and the flow from the one upstairs creates a vacuum in the waste line.

Does your landlord have to install a sink in your downstairs toilet?

Your landlord has the responsibility to provide you with habitable premises. If there is another usable sink in the house, it might not be required for the landlord to install a sink downstairs. Also, it is required if the landlord promised or implied that there would be a sink in that bathroom.

Does a downstairs toilet need to be vented?

Every toilet needs to be vented.

Why would the water and everything come out of the downstairs toilet when you flush the upstairs toilet?

Answer The waste line from the downstairs toilet is not vented (or not vented properly, or the vent is plugged up). Flushing the upstairs toilet creates a vacuum in the main line which sucks the water out of the one downstairs. Answer your waste lines for both toilets may be on the same branch off the sewer main. Either you have a stoppage in the branch line or you have a stoppage in the main line. (If it's the main line your downstairs toilet would have to be the lowest fixture, ie If you have a floor drain downstairs and it's a stoppage in your main line it would backup through the floor drain. If there is no floor drain the toilet downstairs is probably your lowest fixture.) Your best bet is to snake out the system through the toilet downstairs.

Are toilet pipes connected upstairs to downstairs?

yes they are

How can I install a new toilet?

You need to hire a plumber to properly install a new toilet. There are many issues that may arise if you try to install it yourself. Make sure you know the requirements such as shutting off the water before doing it.

Why when you flush one toilet upstairs does the toilet downstairs make water noises?

Because they are, in effect, connected

Can you pull downstairs toilet and still use upstair?

Yes, as long as you seal the drain of the toilet you are removing.

Can you flush the upstairs toilet when you have the downstairs toilet off and capped off?

If your plumbing system is properly installed there should not be any problem. If it isn't installed properly, you would already have water from sinks and bathtubs backing up out of the downstairs toilet.

Why does water comeout from under the downstairs toilet when the upstairs toilet is flushed?

plugged vent or stopped up system

Why does the downstairs toilet bubble when the upstairs shower is in use?

Because your drain is blocked.

Cost of installing downstairs toilet?

$7,460 plus filing fee's and restorations

How do you install toilet partition by myself with tools?

To be frank,it's so hard for yourself to install such a big thing,why don't you enjoy the service of installing the seller provides?

When remodeling the bathroom does the ceramic floor get installed first or the toilet sand vanity?

You can install the vanity first. Then, install the tile up to the vanity and around the pipe for the toilet. Then, install the toilet. That way, you do not have to replace the tile should you ever have to replace the toilet.

Can you install a garden tap to a recently added downstairs toilet sink?

Yes you can. I use to have this in my old house its perfectly fine. Although if someone goes to use the tap it slows the hose pressure down abit.

Do I need permits to install another toilet?

Yes, you would indeed need a permit to install another toilet. They are easy to get.

My son dumped a whole bottle of bubble bath in the tub and the downstairs toilet got bubble in it when you drained the tub what happend?

The plumber in your area did not install a "suds pressure zone" after a lot of usage the sudsing will go away

Why does my downstairs bathroom flood when my upstairs toilet runs?

The main line going out is plugged or possibly collapsed. It is easier for the upstairs water to come out the downstairs than to go out the drain.

Why would air bubbles come up in downstairs toilet when upstairs toilet is flushed?

partially clogged drain or vent, improperly installed vent or drain

Where is there instructions on how to install a new toilet?

When you purchase a new toilet seat, it is going to come with the instruction manual as to how to install the seat, when you get it in your home for installation.

Install toilet flange?

howtoinstal anewtoiletflange

How can you install a toilet when the toilet closet is on an angle?

there are several flexy toilet conectors available to buy so a toilet can be fitted in any position provided there is room for it