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Can you install a trailer hitch on a 2002 Chrysler Neon LE Sedan?

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yes, but hte weight rating is very low. approx 1000 lbs total

2008-03-08 21:06:25
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Can you add a trailer hitch to a 2005 Ford E150 cargo van?

Yes, but not a bumper hitch. Install a undercarriage trailer receiver hitch system.

How do you install a trailer hitch on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee?

I suggest you purchase a receiver type hitch. They come with complete instructions.

Can you mount a trailer hitch on 2007 Chrysler crossfire?

Anything is possible. but there is no real room for a hitch with where the muffler and tips are located. Plus, on top of that Chrysler does not recommend using a Crossfire for any towing.

How do you install an OEM trailer hitch on a Toyota Highlander?

An OEM trailer hitch from any of the major hitch manufacturers will line up perfectly with holes and/or bolts already installed in the frame of the vehicle. Just line up the hitch to bolt holes and "do it." With the proper tools it is a simple procedure.

Install a Tow Hitch?

form_title=Install a Tow Hitch form_header=By installing a tow hitch you can haul trailers and move everything from furniture to tractors. Will you be towing a trailer with your tow hitch?= () Yes () No Is there a particular style of hitch you are looking at?= () Yes () No How much weight will you usually be hauling?= () Yes () No

How hard is it to install hitch carriers on older trucks?

The actual installation of the metal portion of the hitch is not difficult, providing you have the right tools. The most trying part of the installation will be the electrical. Most hitch manufacturers supply detailed diagrams on how to install the electrical, but they can be confusing. Here is a quick guide on what you might be in for:

How do you tow a ring hitch trailer with a ball hitch?

That Is called A Pintle Hitch.

You have the trailer hitch on the truck what else do you need?

a trailer

What is a Reese hitch used for?

A Reese hitch is a brand of trailer hitch or trailer parts. They make all sorts of different types of trailer parts and hitches, so it would depend which part you are looking for.

Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in New Jersey?

Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in New jersey?

What is the purpose of a trailer hitch cover?

The purpose of a trailer hitch cover is to help prevent rust on your car, it will also allow you to avoid having to continuosly clean the mess our from your hitch.

What is the best brand of trailer hitch for carrying a horse trailer?

The best brand of hitch you can purchase is a Reese Hitch. They are very strong and can pull just about anything your vehicle can handle.

Can you install a tow hitch on a 1994 grand prix?

Yes. I've had one on mine since the spring of '94' I just went to one of those standard install-a-trailer-hitch places (Draw Tite?) as I had just bought a 15' boat. There's nothing complicated other than you probably need an adapter for the trailer lights.

Why can't you pull a trailer?

I can't pull a trailer because I do not have a trailer hitch on the back of my car.

What items are used to install a hitch?

Bolts to the frame. And any wiring you might have for your trailer. It should not take long and there are local shops around that will do it.

What does a Kingpin hitch on a trailer look like?

A cylindrical metal object sticking out of the bottom of the trailer at the front of it.

Can you put a hitch on your 1999 jeep?

Yes, a trailer hitch can be installed on a 1999 Jeep.

Where should you tap into the wiring in a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan to install a trailer hitch wiring harness?

I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT (Wagon) and haven't been able to find a hitch. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? If I am able to find a hitch, I would then try to get the Outback trailer hitch wiring harness from my Subaru dealer. I would expect the wiring in the two cars to be the same, but I suppose they could be different. I noticed the Legacy wagons don't have the rear 12 volt jack that the Outbacks have. This is something I'd like to add too for one of those electric coolers. That would be nifty I think. Thanks . . .

Do you need a trailer hitch to tow?


Will a trailer hitch for a silverado fit a Colorado?


Can you install a trailer hitch on a 2002 Ford Taurus?

The answer is yes. I have one on mine. There is more than one way to do it also. Buy a universal Hitch, Buy any hitch that is the right length and weld it on, or do what i did, drill two holes and put on a heavy duty one.

Meaning of hitch?

A vehicle hitch is a mount on the rear of a vehicle where a trailer can be connected. When a trailer is hooked to a vehicle to be towed it is said to be "hitched" to the towing vehicle.

Where in Texas can I find a trailer hitch that is for sale?

Craigslist can usually provide you for many postings about a trailer hitch for sale in your local area, and often at cheaper prices than national trailer dealerships and such.

How do I use a trialer hitch?

A trailer hitch is mounted to the back of a vehicle either by welding it to the frame or by bolts used with the existing holes. A trailer is then locked into the hitch which allow you to tow vehicles, atvs, or boats etc.

Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in new york?

It is legal to keep your ball mount in the hitch when you are not towing in new york.