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Absolutely! We finished such an installation last summer and love it! Some considerations:

1) Be sure that your pool + deck dimensions will fit on the slope. The slope is often visually deceiving. Use a string and string level to stake out a horizontal line out over the slope and measure at the proposed down hill side of the pool for appropriate depth. Check this every few feet across your proposed pool area, as you will need to excavate ONLY to make a flat spot for the pool. Do not try to build up a level spot with fill. It will settle taking your pool with it! Also avoid placing your pool in a gully swale or drainage path, anywhere that channels water runoff.

2) Spray paint excavation lines 2-3 ft wider than the pool dimension to guide the dig.

3) DIG! A bobcat will make short order of your work.

4) Slope the upside of you excavation so that fill does not wash in upagaist the pool sides. We chose to cover the up hill side of the dig with landscape fabric to minimize washing of the soil.

5) Be sure your excevation is level, and that soil will not build up against pool walls.

6) Assemle the pool and Deck it, spanning from pool to ground level.

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Q: Can you install an inground vinyl lined pool kit above the ground on a sloping lot and build wood decking around it so it would look as if it were inground when looking from the house?
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