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You can install them both on the same machine, yes.

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Why do Linux programs not run in Windows?

The 2 operating systems are different from each other. Linux programs aren't meant to work in Windows most of the time. If you want to run Linux programs in Windows, install cygwin, and compile them from source code.

Can you run Linux and Windows without any conflicts?

Yes, of course U can use WIndows and Linux on a same PC. For that u need to install boot loader which ask u for Operating System choice Option. Most of the time boot loader automatically gets installed when u install Linux on a windows machine. I have personal experience of running these two OS's simulteniously bye Happy computing

How do you grub window install on Linux?

..I was install both Windows XP and Linux(Fedora).in our system.But after some time I was formett my XP..then a problem occure..Linux Optin was lost at startng time.. so..Plz You suggest me how can i solve this problem in easy steps.......

What is meant by dual-booting?

Dual booting means two operating system installed on PC. for example you install windows xp and windows vista at the same time. or windows xp and Linux on same PC. Dual booting is only a term you can install more than one operating system on one PC. for example you can install 10 windows xp copies on your 10 drives.

How can you have Linux and Windows on your desktop computer?

There are two ways of doing this:Use a virtualization program such as VirtualBox to install run Linux and Windows side by side at the same time.Partition your hard drive and install Linux to an empty partition to set up a dual boot partition. Be careful with this option; you can damage your files if you make a mistake, but you'd get much better performance than if you took option one. See the related links for a good guide on how to do this.

How does compiling PHP in Linux and Windows differ?

On Linux you probably already have all or most of the needed tools, so you just run, configure, make, and make install. If it is your first time, you may need to install additional libraries and tweak the configuration. On Windows, you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ with some additional steps explained in the link I am adding as a reference.

Can you run Maplestory on Linux?

MapleStory does not function under Wine at this time, so the answer is no. However, if you install VMWare, you can install a "virtual mini windows" and then install it inside that. It is important to note that there will be a substantial performance loss if that route is chosen.

How do you install Windows xp in minimum time with third party software?

How do you install Windows xp in minimum time

Can you have XP and windows seven on your laptop at the same time?

Yes, you can do it, but firstly you have to install XP and Windows 7 must be installed afterwards. Moreover, you must create two partitions to install them.

How can you install more systems at a time?

To install more than one operating system on a computer, it is best to start with the oldest first. For example, if you are installing Windows 98 and Windows XP on a computer, install the Windows 98 first. Put the installations on separate partitions. This will prevent conflicts between the two. Once you have installed the second operating system you will find that each time you start your computer, you are given the option of which operating system to invoke. Remember that if you have a Windows XP partition with files that you want to access from the Windows 98 (or Linux) installation, choose the FAT32 file system when installing XP. Windows 98 and some versions of Linux cannot access files on an NTFS partition.

Is Linux less expensive than other operating systems such as Windows?

Linux is free. However, this question can be taken at an angle of total cost of ownership or time cost investment. Since specific versions or distributions are not specified this cannot be answered. Some RedHat versions can be more expensive than some Windows versions. Linux sometimes takes more time to maintain than Windows, so overall it can switch license costs into time costs. If Windows systems take fewer employees to run, then the higher initial license costs can be viewed as necessary and Windows as "less expensive" over time. For a private party on a personal computer, Linux like Ubuntu, can be less expensive to install and operate.

Does windows XP have a graphical user interface?

Windows has a GUI and CLI. You use the GUI pretty much all the time. Dump the windows and get a Linux install, try ubuntu and get used to using the well structured CLI. The GUI will make more sense then in general.

Can we install rt Linux on Fedora?

RT Linux is a specific distribution of Linux, as is Fedora. You can install RT Linux over Fedora, but RT Linux isn't a program you install in a Fedora installation, but an entirely different installation altogether (and meant for different things; RT Linux is meant for specialty devices where the machine needs to manage devices and calculations in Real-time whereas Fedora is more a desktop/server distribution.)

Why windows named as windows?

Because it has multiple WINDOWS for programs to run in, just like the Mac OS of the time........... In short, use linux.

Can you install symbian on a windows mobile?

no, there is no emulator at this time.

How do you emulate PC games on PlayStation?

The PlayStation (or Playstation2, or PlayStation 3) simply does not have enough processing power to emulate most Windows games in real-time. If you have the PS2 Linux kit or a fat PS3, you can install Linux, and then run Windows inside an emulator called QEMU. This will be extremely slow and probably unusable for most games beyond Solitaire.

How do you change Windows XP 64 bit to Windows XP 32 bit?

You install XP 32 bit and use that instead of 64. Also it is possible to have two windows installed at the same time and select one or the other at boot time.

What oder do you put OS with a dual boot?

Depending on what you mean by order, and which OSen you're putting on the machine. If you mean, in which order do you install the OS, it's generally a good idea to install Windows first, and then Linux, as Microsoft doesn't even attempt to give their boot facilities the capability of recognizing an operating system that isn't the current version of Windows or older, whereas virtually every Linux bootloader is given the capability to recognize non-Linux operating systems. Thus it's generally a good idea to install Linux last and allow its bootloader and not Windows' to be in control of system boot. This enables you to boot both Windows and Linux, whereas if you install Windows last, you won't even be able to tell Linux is even installed, let alone boot into it, without reinstalling the bootloader. Keep in mind the above assumes a BIOS-based boot. The issue is less important to non-existant on UEFI, which was designed to allow firmware-level operating system boot order to be specified, assuming the implementation is correct. I personally use rEFInd on my laptop and have to shoehorn it into the Windows boot manager's place to get it to work properly. If you mean "which operating system should be default" that is entirely a matter of preference. I personally make Linux my default. As it is I only ever use Windows for games, and at times I've been known to completely wipe Windows off my computers if I don't use it for a long time.

Boot Camp is a utility that allows you to run Linux and OS X at the same time?

Boot Camp is designed to help people setting up Windows operating system under back as dual boot solutions. Running Linux under Mac is a bit more complicated, there are other solutions of Mac/Linux (dual boot) Mac/Windows/Linux (triple boot). Installing Linux on a Mac with other operating systems on board requires advanced knowledge (especially boot loader [rEFIt] and Linux kernel compiling).

How you install second OS when first OS vista licence copy is install on system?

Good question, it really depends on the 2nd Operating System you want to install... If it is a Windows based OS you will need to Install the OS on a second drive or a new partition on your existing Hard Drive. If you are installing another OS like Linux it will give you a choice to install a boot loader that will allow a menu to switch to another OS at boot time. Here is an install guide for Vista http:/ this is almost identical to Windows 7 Install. In a nutshell you can install a second OS without hurting your current install. More info required please

How do you install windows7 and windows xp in one PC?

There are at least two choices. First one is create two partitions one for Windows Xp another one is for Windows 7. Install first Xp and then Seven in another partition. Another one is to use Windows Xp Virtual Machine which allows you to run Windows Xp and Seven in the same time. Or if you have two Hardrives you can install Xp in one and windows7 on the other.

What are some of the costs associated with installing a free operating such as Linux?

Training. The time you spend learning how to use it. Plus the cost of the blank DVD you burn the free download onto.If you get a Windows-like distro like Lubuntu or Ubuntu, not much time at all, because they use the same hot-keys, etc for the same purposes as Windows whenever possible.But if you really need the full potential of Linux, you will spend years learning it.

What type of operating system do most people use on their computers today?

The most used operating system used is windows xp.second is windows vista as of 2009.Linux is the best operating system for some people. Linux is fast and you can have a lot of applications running at the same time with networking and printing + a lot of external services and devices (like a sub or CD ) you can use this at the same time and the system wont get so easily overloaded!!

What is the name of most current windows operating system for a PC?

The OS that change all the time is Linux, and most of what MS Windows supplies was first made on a Linux variant. Ubuntu is working on a new concept - Unify, is worth looking at.

Can you play The Sims 3 on Linux?

There is no native version available for Linux. The Windows version can be played on most Linux distributions with the use of Wine, an application compatibility layer. Depending on what graphics card you have, you may experience graphical glitches in the game. You will also need to install a NoCD patch (which you would probably want to anyway) to preven the game from checking for the disc every time you want to play it.

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