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Actually can, but you should avoid doing so. Too many malware programs will conflict with each other and slow down your computer.

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Q: Can you install multiple antivirus programs on one computer?
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Side effect of installing multiple antivirus programs on one computer?

Each antivirus uses up about 5% of your ram when it is not running. if you install more than one anti virus your computer will become extremely slow

How can you speedup your computer?

Defrag your computer frequently. Add another memory card. Don't install antivirus programs like kaspersky.

Do you can have two antivirus in your computer?

Yes . . . I have had as many as 3. The problem is, the programs install part of themselves in memory, and you will get low on memory if you install too many.

How do you install Antivirus on your computer for free?

Simply download the installer for the antivirus, then run it. With some antivirus software you don't even need to install it!

What will you do when your computer has a virus?

Install an antivirus software.

What should a technician install antivirus software on?


Can you install two antivirus in a system?

You can install anything on a computer. However if you want your antivirus system to work you need to have one working or none will.

How can users safeguard against computer worms?

install an antivirus

How can you safeguard your computer against online hazards?

install an antivirus

Why wont your antivirus install on your computer?

... maybe you are not doing it right.

What is the need to install antivirus?

It keeps your computer safe from viruses.

How do you protect computers from common threats to computer?

Install an antivirus

Is it safe to run an antivirus on your computer before you uninstall the old one?

AnswerAntivirus programs analyze data being sent to and from. They also monitor programs running on your computer to make sure they are not malicious. Having more than one antivirus program running is dangerous because the two antivirus programs may interfere with one another. As a result, malware may be able to infect your computer because your antivirus programs are interfering with one another. Uninstall one program before you install the other. Personally, I have had to antivirus programs installed at once but i disabled one of the programs. Keep in mind, I only did this because I thought one program was not detecting all of the malware on my computer. However, most users do not know how to completely stop a program from running without uninstalling it. Like I said before my suggestion is to avoid have more than one antivirus program installed.

Do Mac need antivirus?

A computer virus is not fussy, it will infect a Mac if it is not protected, you need to install antivirus software.

Is it okay to install two antivirus softwares in one computer like avg and norton together?

NO, never run 2 Anti-Virus programs at the same time.

What is antivirus and what is uses of antivirus?

You may face several technical issues when any malicious program gets entry in your system. Some of the technical issues are applications taking more than usual time in responding, some of the programs are not working properly, etc. This is antivirus which destroy your computer. So for protecting your PC, laptops and computer we install antivirus in our computer. In which AVG Antivirus is the best antivirus so far. For more information call us on 1-877-523-3678.

How can one avoid installing adware spyware programs?

Someone can avoid installing adware spyware programs on their computer by avoiding installing random things from the internet and only installing things from the official website of a program. Also, install an antivirus program on your computer.

Is it okay to install two antivirus softwares in one computer like ESET NOD32 and Avira?

nope,it is not.never install two antivirus softwares in the same PC

How can install panda antivirus?

How to install Panda Antivirus

How do you install rogers antivirus program to the computer?

Fake antivirus sites using ie6 or ie7 to download it without permission.

Can you install two antivirus programs on one PC?

No, you should not because they could actually interfere with each other and make your computer worse off than it was before. Also, this could slow your computer down.

How do you remove the third party antivirus to install new antivirus?

Go to Control Panel then Add/Remove Programs, click the program you want to remove

What does it cost to install programs?

They only install programs such as antivirus and etc. Not games and stuff. You pay like $30 - $50 to install a program.You're not exactly paying for them to install the program. You're paying to buy the program, it just comes installed for you.

What is the difference on a clean install and a upgrade on a computer?

clean install requires you to re-install programs

Can you have 2 computer antivirus at once?

Yes you can have two anti virus programs installed however they may negatively interact with each other and lower the security of your computer instead of raising it. So I would be very carefull what programs you install. However if one program is just a firewall and nothing else. and the other program is just an antivirus program with no firewall then you can definite download both.