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only if they are both rear wheel drive or both front wheel drives

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Q: Can you install the 3.8 liter motor from a 1987 Olds Delta 88 in a 1986 Olds Regency also a 3.8?
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How do you install a starter in a 1977 Chevrolet caprice?

How do you install a starter in a 1977 Chevrolet Caprice Classic with a 5.7 liter motor?

Where can you get instruction to install a belt tensioner on a 1996 3.8 liter Chrysler?

Get a motor manual.

How do you identify star and delta terminal of motor?

to identify beginning and ends of windings on star delta motor

Where is the antenna motor for a 1991 Oldsmobile Regency 98 Elite?

I have a 95 Olds 98 Regency and the attena motor for my car is in the trunk. The motor is located directly under the attena itself. If you pull back the inner trunk covering, you should see the motor.

What is the difference of a star or delta connection on motor terminals?

It is the design of the said motor. Star motor has to be connected in star and delta motor has to be connected in Delta formation. Motor will burn out or not work otherwise. Some high rated motor needs to be started using start delta starter to reduce the inrush of huge current in the starting, but runs in Delta formation after few seconds of running in star mode.

When you connect the motor do you use star or delta?

It depends on the motor. You need to look at the specifications of the particular motor. In general, if there are only three conductors, not counting earth, then it is delta; if there are four, then it is star; if there are six, then it is star-delta and you need a star-delta starter.

Will 4.3 liter Chevrolet motor mounts work with a 5.7 liter?

The motor mounts on a 4.3 Liter Chevrolet will not work with a 5.7 liter engine. The motor mount from the 4.3 Liter will not be strong enough to hold the weight of the 5.7 liter engine.

What size motor is in a 1980 Oldsmobile 89 regency?

307ci 5.0L

Is a Dodge 4.7 motor the same as 318 motor?

No, the Dodge 4.7 liter motor is a 287. A 318 is the same as a 5.2 liter motor.

What is Full load current for 40 HP star delta motor?

What is the continuous current of 10HP star delta motor

Star delta starter for 3 phase induction motor?

how will you start 3phase inuction motor using star delta stater

What will cause a star delta panel to trip in delta?

On a star delta starter a motor overload or a motor going to ground and cause a short circuit will cause the overload protection to trip. These overloads have to be reset before the motor can be restarted.

When is a motor in star or delta connection?

That would happen when a three-phase motor is used. It can be connected in star or delta dependig on the manufacturers' instructions.

What is the reason motor runs delta connection?

Motor run delta connection because in delta connection it is less ampere needed and it sometimes it change the wye connection because of the available suply

The motor starts in star but does not run in delta?

If the delta magnetic starter pulls in then there is a problem in the delta windings of the motor. If the magnetic starter does not pull in then there is a problem in the star delta timing relay. Check the timer relay for voltage output to the delta magnetic after the completion of the timing interval.

Will a motor from a 91 Olds 98 fit an 96 olds delta 88?

A motor from a 1991 Oldsmobile will fit into a 1996 Oldsmobile Delta 88. The motor mounts will need to be changed.

How much does a 5.0 liter motor weigh?

5.0 liter motor engines weight at least 200 pounds

What is wye-delta motor control?

It is a type of starter that allows a motor to be started across the line by starting the motor with a reduced inrush current. The motor is started in a wye configuration until it gets up to speed and then a timer drops the wye contactor out a draws the delta configured contactor in. The motor then operates in a delta wired configuration.

Can a motor be connected to a delta or wye connection?

Yes. Look at the Name plate on the motor, there must be information on how the motor can be connected, delta or wye, and the respective voltage that can be applied for each connection type.

How can you terminate a 3 wire wye motor to a 3 phase delta connection?

To terminate a 3 wire wye motor to a 3 phase delta connection you need a 3 phase transformer to convert from delta to wye. Do not lift the common neutral connections inside the motor and rewire for delta, because the voltages will be wrong.

Are motors delta star connection?

no the motor to start is connected star converted delta connection

What is a forward-reverse star delta?

A forward reverse star delta is a two in one motor starter where a motor first runs on star connection and then changed to delta connection after a time which has been set. The motor direction can be changed, whether forward or reverse

Why connect 3phase motor in star or delta?

Higher capacity (higher KW rating) motors take huge starting current to get over the starting torque. To avoid the high inrush of current, star delta starter is used. When started, the motor gets connected in star for few seconds and switches over to Delta and continues to run in delta. In this case motor is designed to run in Delta.

How you understand a motor is star or delta connected?

A star motor has four connections (not including protective earth ground), while a delta motor has three connections (also not including protective earth ground).

Why you are using star connected induction motor and delta connected induction motor?