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Can you insure a car in another state if you are not the primary driver?

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Should this be any more complicated than to simply keep paying the premiums on the NJ car to the NJ insurance company? I don't think they would really care where you are as long as they are told where the car is garaged and who is the primary operator.

My daughter is presently going to college in another state and will be using one of her uncle's cars that is owned by his business, but he does not want to insure her or put her on his insurance, i added her to my policy in the state of Hawaii for her permanant residency is here in Hawaii, how do i go about doing this?

The current answer from my insurance company is NO!!

yet my name is on the title, it appears that I will heve to sell the car to my son.

2015-07-15 21:52:14
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Q: Can you insure a car in another state if you are not the primary driver?
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Can you insure a car in another state if you are not the primary drive?

oh hell no

How do you insure your car if you work half the year in another state?

I would think it is based on your primary residence. That is how it works in MA

If you are given a car that is registered in another state how do you register and insure it in your home state?

You start by....Call and ask your agent

When a car is titled in NC in dads name who doesn't drive could insurance be in the sons name who has an out of state drivers license?

Here is how you do this. Get the insurance in the name of the owner and list the people or person who drives the car as a driver. Usually the driver can have a driver's license from another state and or live in another state. Some insurance companies will allow someone to insure a vehicle that they have care custody and control of regardless of who owns the vehicle.

Can a permit driver drive with another teenage licensed driver in the state of CA?


Can driver from another state ride with a Missouri permit driver?

As long as they are legally fully licensed in their home state, yes.

If your car stays in another state for vacation use do you insure in the state you live in or the state the car stays in?

Where ever the car is principally garaged.

Can you get a driver license in IL if your license is suspended in another state?


Can you live in one state and insure your car in a different state?

A general rule of thumb is to insure your car in the state it is registered in.

What is the proper way for a resident of Oklahoma to title register insure a new car that was bought in Oklahoma yet the primary driver will live in Nevada?

If the owner of the vehicle will be living in Nevada, you'll want to reregister the vehicle in Nevada. Contact your auto insurance to get the insurance switched to the state of Nevada, and then call the DMV there for additional information. If the owner of the vehicle will be living in Oklahoma but the primary driver will be living in Nevada then the registration and the insurance will need to be for the state of Oklahoma regardless; just notify the insurance of the garaging address being outside of the state and again, speak to the DMV.

Is there any way you can insure your car in another state from which you live?

In most cases you need to insure the car with a policy written in the state that the vehicle is registered. Many states require that the insurance companies report the vehicles that they are insuring to the state for cross reference of motor vehicle registrations. So if you live in state A and your vehicle is registered in state A but insured in state B then state A will think that your vehicle is not insured and revoke your vehicle registration. Now if you live in state A but register and insure your vehicle in state B then you run the risk of not adhereing to the law that says you must register the vehicle in the state of your primary residence. If you have a legitimate reason for doing this such as a second residence in another state at which you keep a vehicle then you should have no problem doing this. If you are doing it to avoid higher taxes or insurance premiums then you will be doing something illegal.

Is it legal to reside in one state and register and insure an auto in another state to get cheaper rates?

No. That is called insurance fraud and you could face penalties (according to your state).

Who is liable in washington state if an insured licensed driver hits an insured vehicle with an unlicensed driver?

The at fault driver always has the primary liability for the damages they cause in an accident. (The guy who rams the other guy).

If your driver license is suspended in SC can you get a driver license in another state?

For the most part, no. A suspended license means that you technically still have a license. And you are not allowed to have more than one license at a time. And a state will not issue you a license if you hold one in another state.

Can i buy a used car if i don't have my own insurance but i do have insurance?

Huh you can buy a new or used car, but you do have to have it insured, assuming you live in state that requires you insure your auto. A few insurers let other people insure your car, but you do need to be listed as a driver.

If you insure car in your state can it be in other state?

AnswerYes but there are situation of when you need to notify your insurance carrier. IE: If that vehicle is permanently garaged in the other state. For Example if you are visiting or working in another state for an extended amount of time your fine. If you or a kid is at college in another state they are fine.

What is chargeable collision?

Chargeable Collision: A collision in which the actions of the driver of a City-owned vehicle are the primary cause of the collision. Normally, the driver will have violated state or local traffic law.

What is the definition of travel insurance?

Travel insurance is either by car or potfolio to be insure in other to use it in another place of country or state

Can you get driver license if you have traffic tickets in another state?

They seldom will withhold a license for unpaid tickets in another state. However, if the other state as suspended your license, you would not be able to get one.

If your driver license is suspended in PA can you drive in NJ?

No, not unless you get a licence from another state.

If you own two homes in different states and keep a car at each home in which state do you license and insure the cars?

You will insure the cars based on where they are driven the most. If you drive more in one state, insure the car there.

Do you have to insure a car that you do not drive?

Depends on the state

Can you get a ga Driver license if suspended in another state?

No, you cannot, until your suspension issue is resolved with the state which suspended your licence.

Can you drive in tn with a nc learners permit without restrictions?

It's a gray area. I know that if you drive in a state and you have a learners permit form another state, your supervising driver is responsible. It's a gray area. I know that if you drive in a state and you have a learners permit form another state, your supervising driver is responsible.

Can your father insure a boat in his name if you own it but no one will insure you?

It varies by state law. Just Gift it to him, allow him to reg and insure it and then when you can do it on your own have him gift it back to you.