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Can you insure a car not titled in your name?

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can you have insurance on a car if the title is not in your name?

Generally, no. You don't have anything to insure (called insurable interest).

The only time this is permitted is with spouses. The car's title may be in either name, but may be on the others insurance.

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If the car lien is in your grandmothers name can the car be covered on your insurance policy if you are the one driving the car?

No - you can not insure a vehicle that isn't titled to you.

Can you insure a car not titled to you?

Nah, you really can't. If it were okay to insure a car not titled to me I'd put insurance on Jeff Gordon's NASCAR and get paid every Sunday during NASCAR season.

Who insures car titled in some elses name?

You must have a financial (insurable) interest in a car in order to insure it. It works the same way with home insurance. You must own the home in order to insure it. Thus, whoever owns the car and has the title is the only person who can insure it.

At what age can a car be titled in your name?

You have to be 16 for a car to be titled in your name.

Can you get insurance on a car not titled in your name?

no you can't Its not in your name so you can't get insurance from a car that is not titled in your name

Can you get car insurance on a car that is not in your name in Tennessee?

You cannot insure a vehicle that is not titled in your name. If you did and the car was totaled the insurance company would not pay you because you are not the owner of the car and they cannot pay the true owner because they do not have a legal contract of insurance with the company.

Is it possible to insure a car that doesn't belong to you?

If you insure it in the name of the person who owns the car, yes.

What can ido about cosign for a car i dont have?

bought car with girlfriend they titled car in her name i didnt know this she found out car titled in her name only she took car

Can you insure someone else financed car?

No. You can only insure a vehicle which is in YOUR name.

Can your car be in your mother's name and you insure it?

Yes you can.

Can you insure a new car that is titled in your name under your girlfriend's policy if you live together?

You may be able to declare that you are common law married and as long as both of you are listed as named insureds on the policy you can insure vehicles just as if you had said your I do's for real.

Can your mom insure your car and you register the car?

If her name is on the registration of the car and she drives it sometimes.

Can I insure a car in my name that I don't own?

Of course not

Can i buy a car and several people drive it and i don't have a licence i am disabled?

Depending on what state you are in, you don't need a drivers license to purchase a car. You only need a drivers license to drive it. If you do have a car titled in your name, you will still need to insure it, whether or not you drive it.

Can you insure a friend's vehicle so he can register it for plates if you will be the primary driver?

NO. The insurance policy has to be in the name of the titled owner.

Can I insure a car regesterd to my daughter under my policy?

In Mississippi your daughter has to live in your household and have car titled at your address to be on your policy and you also have to be on title. If she owes anything your name only need be added to title and not loan so that you are not financially responsible.

Can i insure more than one car in my name?


If you let your son drive a car that is titled in your name and the car is uninsured and your son is in an accident how do you handle that?

Well if your son has insurance elsewhere, the other party can pursue that insurance company (even though they don't insure your car). If he does not have insurance either, the other party can pursue you and him for damages.

Can I insure and register a car in my name if my name is not on the title?

I know you can put the car your insurance but to register a different story

Can you buy a car in Florida and have it titled in your name but tagged and insured by someone else?

You can have it insured in your name, You can have it titled in your name as lienholder and have it registered to another party

Can you insure a car titled to your son Or will it have to be in the parents name He will be listed as principle driver of the car on the parents policy Would this effect an accident claim?

The vehicle must be insured by the person whose name appears on the title. Only the person who holds the title/deed to property has insurable interest in said property, thus they are the only ones who can take out an insurance policy to protect it. If the parents wish to insure the vehicle on their policy, they must have the vehicle re-titled in their name and add the vehicle to their policy. Their son may be added to the policy as the vehicle's principal operator.

How long do you have to hold a car someone bought from you?

You can sell it immediately if it is your car titled in your name.

What companies will insure drivers who don't own a car?

None, because the car has to registration have to be in your name.

Having a car in your name with no drivers license?

yes.... but try to insure it..........

How old do you have to be to buy a car in Massachusetts?

You have to be 16 to buy a car in Massachusetts. You will need to title and insure the car in your name.