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Friction may cause irritation to the inner labia and an ingrowing hair may cause a pimple-like irritation to appear on the outer labia if you shave or wax your genitals. However, from my recollection, a "sore" could indicate the first stage of syphilis or it could be indicative of herpes, in a worst case scenario. If you are a sexually active individual, it is best to err on the side of caution and to submit to a medical examination to determine the EXACT cause of any genital irritation so that steps can be taken to treat (and isolate) any infection.

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Q: Can you just have a pimple in the outer or inner labia without it being anything major like an STD or a cyst?
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Actually pimple like lesions on the inner labia cane a sign of herpes or other STDs.You should get it checked out by a doctor and avoid scratching or touching the lesions

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