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Can you just keep the check from the at-fault driver's insurance company?

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If the car is being repaired, no. Usually they will require one signature from you and one from the shop of your choice, usually the shop is agreed or decided upon prior to check issuance. If the car is totaled, the insurance will pay you up to your cars book value and you're free to do whatever you wish with the money.

2007-02-06 10:14:33
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Which car insurance company offers the best rates for teenage drivers in Michigan?

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Is a named driver still covered on a banned drivers policy?

To be on the safe side, check with the insurance company.

Many people has disabled drivers what are some of the car insurance companies available?

Yes Allstate Insurance company does offer insurance for disabled drivers in Florida. You can call their eight hundred number or check out their website at

How much will adding two sons with learners permits to your auto insurance policy cost?

Most Insurance Companies do not require you to add young drivers until they are licensed. You should check with your Insurance Agent. Additionally, there is no "set" rate for young drivers; this varies from company to company.

If you take a Drivers ED class by how much will my insurance go down?

Check with your parents insurance company. Most states require the class just to get a license..

If a speeding citaton is given with company insurance info instead of personal whose insurance and record is affected?

When a speeding citation is given, it is given to the driver... not the owner of the vehicle nor the person (or company) who is insuring the vehicle. Therefore, the driver's insurance and driving record will reflect the charge. If this person was driving a company vehicle (and therefore insurance paid by the company) then the companies insurance policy COULD be affected but not always. The cost of corporate insurance policies that cover multiple vehicle and/or drivers are determined by many factors such as # of vehicles, types of vehicles, company claim history, # of drivers and ages there of. Most companies must report their drivers information to the insurance company which will then check the drivers records which will then allow the insurance company to 'rate that driver' and asses a cost for insuring that driver. Some companies will refuse employ drivers with too many moving violations... or not let them drive company vehicles. I hope the answered your question.

Is there any cheap car insurance in Virginia for teen drivers?

Check this company they are very good and cheap compared to other companies.

Does signing an insurance check release the insurance company?


If a person has already claimed damages from the at fault drivers insurance company can that person still go ahead and sue the person at fault?

No, the insurance company when settling the claim will have you sign a waiver of damages for their insured before giving you a check.

Is it lawful for ins co to charge you for points that is not on drivers license?

Yes. Insurance companies don't just go off your drivers license record. They also check several other insurance company data bases because many accidents are not reported to the police. If an accident claim was filed the Insurance company who handled the claim will have it in their database as well.

Who has the cheapest liability car insurance for teen drivers in America?

Check with your local insurance agent.

Who gives cheap car insurance in Wyoming for teenagers?

State Farm and Allstate offer great rates for teen drivers. You may also want to check with Geico insurance company as well.

If your ipod has broken will your insurance company cover it?

It depends on the policy you have from your insurance company. You will need to check with them

Do you have to obtain a drivers abstract in order to get auto insurance?

Most times the insurance company will check your driving record as part of the underwriting process. In rare cases you may be asked to provide your own document.

Who has the cheapest liability car insurance for teen drivers for Texas?

Check with your local insurance agent in Texas.

When you are the no fault driver and the other drivers insurance wants to pay your damages can they check your dmv records before they issue your check?

Absolutely not. They should not even be asking for your drivers license number. The information the other drivers company would need is your insurance companies information and then they hash out all the details. Your record, be it DUI, wreckless driving, etc, does not affect their payment since their insured is at fault.

How do you check life insurance status?

Phone your insurance company they will have all the information

Do insurance companies check the drivers details with the DVLA for 1st time insurers if the person will just be a named driver?

no, they dont have permission to check named drivers.

What company offers new driver insurance quote?

All insurance companies offer policies for new drivers. They may be more expensive because of the fact that you are a newer driver. You could check with Progressive for a new rate.

How can someone check their car insurance to see what kind of theft is covered?

You can check your car insurance to see what kind of theft is covered by contacting your car insurance company. In addition, you can log in to your car insurance company website account.

Do insurance companies check for police reports on a my fault claim to my own vehicle?

Insurance companies not only check with the motor vehicle department for your driving record, they also have an insurance company system called C.L.U.E. which includes any and all claims paid as well as past drivers, insurance policies, and people who have lived at your address. On the insurance application you are asked for all this information. if you don't tell the truth the insurance company and usually the agent will know it immediately. It pays to tell the truth. I know this as an independent insurance agent.

Can the police stop you and check your drivers license and insurance when ever they want to?

Well they can check you're license when they want to, but I never heard of them checking car insurance.

Where can I find Women's car insurance?

If you're in the United States, start with this website geared to women drivers You may also want to check your existing insurance company since you might be eligible for a multiple car discount.

Which companies offer the lowest rates for car insurance for female drivers?

There are a lot of companies out there that provide car insurance for female drivers. If one is interested in a company that provides the lowest rates, it is recommended to check out Geico. Geico offers some of the best deals out there. Make sure to check out the official Geico website for any current special offers.

How do you check the status of life insurance company of Georgia policy?

Just call the company and ask them.