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Depends on the car. Try it and find out I guess. On older vehicles, yes you can. On newer ones, no. Reason: Today's cars are completely computer controlled and if you take the EGR off the computer will know it and possibly even shut the engine down completely. On older cars, sure. Just pull and block the vacuum tube to the EGR and drive it. note: You will notice a small drop in gas mileage if you block the EGR. What can I say, they designed the engine to run with one.

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Q: Can you just take off your EGR valve?
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Where is the EGR valve located in 1993 Tercel?

its the hose coming off of the valve cover that's the egr valve

Where is the egr valve on 92 camaro?

The egr valve should be coming off of the exhaust manifold.

While replacing the Egr valve do you take off the radiators?

Should not have to. EGR valves are usually a very simple bolt-off, bolt-on replacement.

How to fix the egr system in 98 Honda accord ex 98?

take the EGR valve off and spray carb cleaner in the egr valve and in the port. This will some times work as it gets plugged up

What does the egr valve connect to?

EGR is the acronym for exhaust gas recirculation valve. This valve controls the pollutant level given off by the vehicle.

How do you turn off the egr valve on a 87 ram 50 pickup?

You cannot simply turn an EGR valve off. You can clean it, replace it, or remove it, but you cannot turn it off.

Why does the engine light keep coming on indicating EGR valve in a 2000 Chevy impala after the EGR valve was replaced?

I just replaced my egr valve and my light went off, however some reasons for yours not to go off might be that the hose/pipe coming out to the eghaust manifold into the egr valve has enough deposits in it to cause a blockage.....signifying that your old egr valve was good, just not getting any unburned fuel to it. I don't know how to clean the blockage out so maybe search the net and see if you can find out how to do that. perhaps a carborator cleaner will work?

How do you know if your EGR is broken?

If the egr valve is stuck OPEN - the Engine will run Very rough & idle bad - or not idle @ all-if the egr valve is starting 2 stick IT WILL TURN ON THE CHECK engine light-Sometimes U can take the valve off & clean them with a GOOD carb cleaner.

What is the function of an EGR Valve on a 88 Nissan sentra?

The EGR valve and the EGR sensor work together. The EGR gas temperature sensor is mounted near the EGR valve. The sensor detects the temperature of the exhaust as it moves through the valve. The information is sent to the ECM and in turn the EGR on/off time is regulated precisely and more efficiently. Any malfunction with the EGR gas temperature sensor will set off a code 35 ( Info taken from HAYNES MANUAL)

Is erg valve and blow off valve the same?

If you mean the EGR (exhaust Gas Reclaimer), no.

How do you change egr valve in a 85 Monte Carlo ss?

take the old one off and put the new one on.

How do you change egr valve Chrysler sebring 1998 2.5 liter?

You need to take the intake manifold off and radiator

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