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Hey there, Its best not to have a gobie in a bowl mate, Coz more than likely it will jusmp out. Best to have a small tank with coverglasses. Ive lost many a fish when i first started keeping them due to this. Also u should check with ur local aquarium to see if the fish needs heating because i have a feeling that they do. catch!this stinks baddddddddddd.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-20 16:58:21
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Q: Can you keep a Bumblebee Gobie in a one gallon fish bowl and if not how big does the bowl have to be?
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What can be in a 1 gallon fish bowl?

A betta fish is the only fish that can stay in a bowl :) hope I helped :)

How much water do you put in a fish bowl?

a gallon

What fish can live with a betta in a one gallon bowl?

None. The 1 gallon bowl is already too small for the betta by itself.

What is the best kind of fish for a fish bowl?

No fish should be kept in a bowl or tank less than 1 gallon, especially one without a filter or heater.

What size tank does a Siamese fighting fish have to be in?

i have a half gallon bowl for my betta fish and he has plenty of room

What is a good fish for my fish bowl?

Betta fish don't even think about goldfish they need 10 gallons each. If your bowl is bigger than 1 gallon a betta will do fine. Below 1 gallon get a ghost shrimp or snail

What fish can live in a 1 gallon fishbowl?

The Betta fish or 'Siamese Fighting Fish' is best suited for life in a bowl.

Can your female and male guppies live in a one gallon fish bowl?

NO! you will need at least 5 gallon for those

Is the best estimate for the fish bowl fluid ounce or gallons?


How many condoms can you fit into a 2 gallon fish bowl?

over 9,000.

What if you put dragon fish angelfish catfish and goldfish all in one tank?

In all probability they will die. Some catfish (there are hundreds of species of catfish)are cold water fish and others are tropical so I can not say about that. The only fresh water"Dragonfish" I know of is the Gobie (Gobioides broussonnetii) and it is definitely a very tropical fish and a very hard to keep little fish at that. Angel fish would handle the same conditions as the Gobie but Goldfish are a coldwater fish and certainly would not handle the conditions that the Angelfish and the Gobie require to survive.

What is a good fish to put in a bowl?

Bowls are not big enough for fish and can stress them out. If your going to buy a fish at least buy a 10 Gallon tank for it. They are only about $10. No fish is good in a bowl.

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