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Hey there, Its best not to have a gobie in a bowl mate, Coz more than likely it will jusmp out. Best to have a small tank with coverglasses. Ive lost many a fish when i first started keeping them due to this. Also u should check with ur local aquarium to see if the fish needs heating because i have a feeling that they do. catch!this stinks baddddddddddd.

2011-10-20 16:58:21
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What can be in a 1 gallon fish bowl?

A betta fish is the only fish that can stay in a bowl :) hope I helped :)

Is the best estimate for the fish bowl fluid ounce or gallons?


How much water do you put in a fish bowl?

a gallon

What fish can live with a betta in a one gallon bowl?

None. The 1 gallon bowl is already too small for the betta by itself.

What is the best kind of fish for a fish bowl?

No fish should be kept in a bowl or tank less than 1 gallon, especially one without a filter or heater.

What is a good fish for my fish bowl?

Betta fish don't even think about goldfish they need 10 gallons each. If your bowl is bigger than 1 gallon a betta will do fine. Below 1 gallon get a ghost shrimp or snail

What is a good fish to put in a bowl?

Bowls are not big enough for fish and can stress them out. If your going to buy a fish at least buy a 10 Gallon tank for it. They are only about $10. No fish is good in a bowl.

What fish can live in a 1 gallon fishbowl?

The Betta fish or 'Siamese Fighting Fish' is best suited for life in a bowl.

What size tank does a Siamese fighting fish have to be in?

i have a half gallon bowl for my betta fish and he has plenty of room

Can your female and male guppies live in a one gallon fish bowl?

NO! you will need at least 5 gallon for those

Can you fit 4 fish in one gallon fish bowl measuring 12 by 12 inches?

It may be possible to keep 4 small fish in a one gallon fish bowl, depending on the type, size and needs of the fish you choose. It will also depend on whether or not the fish bowl has a filter, and if your fish can live without a heater. For example, because they do not get large, 4 white cloud minnows can be kept in a one gallon bowl with a filter and they do not require a heater. You can also keep a male beta or Siamese fighting fish with a few white cloud minnows; or 2 small goldfish which can grow too large or the bowl.

How many condoms can you fit into a 2 gallon fish bowl?

over 9,000.

What if you put dragon fish angelfish catfish and goldfish all in one tank?

In all probability they will die. Some catfish (there are hundreds of species of catfish)are cold water fish and others are tropical so I can not say about that. The only fresh water"Dragonfish" I know of is the Gobie (Gobioides broussonnetii) and it is definitely a very tropical fish and a very hard to keep little fish at that. Angel fish would handle the same conditions as the Gobie but Goldfish are a coldwater fish and certainly would not handle the conditions that the Angelfish and the Gobie require to survive.

Can mollies live in a bowl?

No. You should never put any fish in a bowl. 1. They don"t live as long in bowls rather than they do in tanks. 2. With a bowl you would have to clean it out every three days. 3. The fish will be miserable in a bowl so a bowl is a bad idea. If you cant afford a tin gallon tank then get a five gallon it"s small and it will make your fish much happier rather than living in a bowl. Your fish will thank you for not putting them in a bowl. Hope this helped.

How many times do you need to clean a fish bowl?

It depends how big it is. If it is a small bowl not even a gallon then it should have it's water changed every day. If it is a larger bowl about 5 gallons it should have it's water changes Avery 2-3 days. It is best that your fish does not live in small bowls unless you have a betta fish. 10 Gallon fish tanks are very cheap and it is a good idea to buy one for your fish if you are just using a bowl.

How many 6 to 4 inch fish can you have in a 1.5 gallon fish bowl?

The rule to follow for freshwater fish is 1 inch per gallon. For goldfish is it one fish per 10 gallons, and for bettas it is 1 fish per 1 gallon. Fish bowls really are not the best home for any fish. Fish need to be kept in tanks with heaters and fliters.

How much is a small fish bowl?

The price of a small fish bowl is about $24.99! A small fish bowl with nothing in it that holds a gallon of water, costs about $6-$10. You can get them at PetSmart or Walmart. Betta fish don't need a filter but other fish do. So, that will add on to the price of the bowl. Most people like to put something in the bowl, again, that will cost you extra. So, it really depends on how much you want or need in the bowl.

What is the best fish for a fish bowl?

No fish is best for a bowl, buy at-least a one gallon tank with filter, and you will clean it once every 2 to 4 weeks, a bowl will have to be cleaned every week. Also, your fish can swim better with more room, become less bored, and will be happier. If this is above your budget, fish is not for you.

Can you breed your Fighting fish in a fish bowl?

No! It's not big enough you need a 10 gallon to 20 gallon tank or aquairuim for breeding and you need to be experienced for breeding. In short, no you can't try a 10 gallon tank or over that :) hope I helped

How often do you clean a fish bowl?

As long as the fish bowl only has one betta, or perhaps some ghost shrimp, then you should clean it weekly.If you have any other type of fish in it such as a goldfish, then you need to get a 20 gallon starter kit.

How much space do common goldfish need?

This depends. Here, this might help you a little bit.1 small fish (1-3 inches)A small bowl (Make sure you still have an filter!)2 small fishA two gallon tank3 small fishA two gallon tank4 small fishA three-four gallon tank5 small fishAt least a five gallon tank1 medium fish (2-3 inches)A two gallon tank2 medium fishA two gallon tank3 medium fishA two gallon tank4 meduim fishA two-three gallon tank5 meduim fishAt least a five gallon tank1 large fish (3-6 inches)A five gallon tank2 large fishA five-six gallon tank3 large fishA six-ten gallon tank4 large fishA six-ten gallon tank5 large fishA six-ten gallon tankAnd if your wanting a bunch of fish, here is a explanation.20+ small fish15 gallon tank20+medium10 gallon tankYou can imagine the rest.

I have a betta fish and he lives in a 2 gallon fish bowl. I clean it every week but he twitches a lot what should I do?

That's perfectly normal for a betta.

Can you put a goldfish in a one gallon bowl?

Yes but the fish would not be happy, this is now considered cruel to fish. Try to get a larger bowl at least 2 gallons or a reasonably sized standard tank with a few decorations.

How do you keep your fish bowl cleaner for longer?

Use the basic rule that all successfull aquarists live by. " 1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water" and put the fish in something larger. Then the fish bowl can be used as a vase or something more sensible and humane than for torturing a fish in.

What fish can be housed with a male betta fish?

It all depends on how big your bowl/tank is. Allow a gallon per fish, as Bettas can get territorial. Do not put any "fin-nippers" or other aggressive fish with a Betta.