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Can you keep a refrigerator outside?

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Yes, you can. It will work well outside. There are a couple of considerations, though. It's a good idea to keep the unit under a cover and not just "out in the air" on the back patio or the like. It isn't a good idea to expose it to sun or weather. UV light can damage the door seals, and you don't want the unit rained on. Keep it sorta clean and clear around the unit. It might present a haven or "hang out" for local critters like rodents or some insects. Spiders like fridges, too. The warmth of the compressor is a magnet to some of these and to other not-so-friendly neighbors.

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Is refrigerator works at -10 degree Celsius atmosphere?

If your refrigerator is outside in -10 degree Celsius weather I find that the refrigerator is unnecessary. If you do decide to still use the refrigerator outside make sure your refrigerator has a power source so that it can keep running.

Can you keep a refrigerator turned off outside in very cold weather?


Where are the magnets in the refrigerator?

outside the refrigerator

Does lettuce keep longer not in the refrigerator?

no you should keep it in the refrigerator

What is the function of the insulation refrigerator?

It keeps heat from outside the refrigerator from getting into the refrigerator.

How do you keep ice without refrigerator?

=you put the ice outside if it is cold enough or you can put it in a frezzer or an ice box. :)=

How long can you keep turkey in the refrigerator after it has been thawed in the refrigerator?

how long can you keep a turkey in the refrigerator after it has been thawed in the refrigerator before cooking

How does the refrigerator or freezer work to keep things cold?

The freezer absorbs heat energy in the freezer and dumps it outside of the freezer.

How long does cooked bacon keep in the refrigerator?

Cooked bacon will keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

How does ethylene affect the ripening of fruit?

The Ethelyn gas is produced by the fruits. If you keep your fruits in the refrigerator the Ethelyn gas will stay inside the fruit and will not be able to come out because it is hard for it yo expand so if you keep your fruits outside the refrigerator then your fruits will last longer.

What keeps your refrigerator cold?

The condenser coils and fan are the ones that keep your refrigerator cold. If they fail to work this means that the refrigerator will not cool things and keep them fresh.

How long can you keep cooked pasta in the refrigerator?

Answer:I wouldn't keep it for longer than seven days in the refrigerator. Frozen, you can keep alot longer.

Can you keep lady bugs alive in a refrigerator?

No. It is too cold in the refrigerator.

How long can you keep beef in the refrigerator after it was thawed in the refrigerator?


Do bananas rot faster in the light or in the refrigerator?

In light, because in a refrigerator bacteria is less likely to survive as long as outside of a refrigerator

Why does ice melt outside a refrigerator?

Temperature is usually warmer outside of the fridge.

Do you keep shrimp precooked shrimp in water in refrigerator overnight?

Keep them in the refrigerator but not in water, just in a sealed container.

When buying a refrigerator does the store want inside the refrigerator measurements or outside for cubic feet?


Why you should keep the blood in the refrigerator?

to keep it fresh

How do heat engines use thermal energy and how do refrigerators keep things cold?

Heat engines transform thermal energy to mechanical energy. A refrigerator is a device that transfers thermal energy from inside the refrigerator to the room outside.

Are there laws about keeping andor storing an empty refrigerator outside the home?

Communities have strict laws about keeping and/or storing an empty refrigerator outside the home. Refrigerators pose a danger to children who can become trapped inside them. You must remove the door from the refrigerator if you are storing it outside.

How can one sell a refrigerator to Eskimos?

Even if Eskimos live in cold places they need a refrigerator to keep your food products as you cant leave them outside even though your surroundings are cool. Also you can control the temperature inside a refrigerator while you cannot control the room temperature. This could be a major factor in selling a refrigerator to a eskimo

How long are blueberries good for outside the refrigerator?

your not supposed to keep them in there u nob head its too cold and the berries will shrink keep them in a "cool" not cold room then they will last about 1-2 weeks

How to keep defrosted ham?

You should keep a defrosted ham in the refrigerator. It will last in the refrigerator for between three and five days.

Why do you need the refrigerator?

You need the refrigerator so you can keep food fresh for longer periods of time. You can keep almost anything in it.