Can you keep fire belly toads with fire bellied newts together?

blah balhh all right, you should not put a toad and a newt together just because they are both fire bellies they might fight all the time and the newt does not secrete as much as toxins as the toad does and also the newt is much stronger so he will kill your toad and maybe eat him and there are a lot more reasons to. I'm sorry to say so but it is a terrible idea to do that. Hope that answered your question. Bye.


I disagree with the previous poster. I kept 2 firebelly toads and a firebelly newt together in the same cage for years and they were fine. As long as they are about the same size, I can't imagine there is any way the newt will attempt to eat the frog.

I agree with the second answer. I have seen people with FBT and FBN together