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No, goldfish need cold water, swordtails need warm water

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My swoardtail keeps fighting with my goldfish They have always got along but the goldfish lost a few scales because of my sucker's tail now the swoardtail keeps going after it what do I do?

Get a separate tank for the goldfish (or swordtail either or) these fish are naturally not compatible and putting them together endangers the lives and overall well-being of both fish. If you keep them together much longer the goldfish will probably be wounded by the swordtail, get an infection, and die. Hope this helps

Can you keep guppies fish with swordtail fish?

Yes but make sure they have enough room

Can you keep goldfish with tropical fish?

No, goldfish and tropical fish have different needs with the primary difference being water temperature. Goldfish and tropical fish are not compatible.

What is the cheapest and easiest way to keep a goldfish?

The cheapest way to keep a goldfish is to keep it in a fish long as the bowl is big enough the fish will be happy there.

Can keep goldfish and other fish in same tank?

Rule of thumb is to not mix tropical fish and goldfish.

Can a Betta live with goldfish?

You should not keep a betta with goldfish as their needs are different. Bettas are a tropical fish and do much better in water temperatures that are 78F to 80F, while that is too warm for a constant temperature in a goldfish tankGoldfish produce large amounts of ammonia and are coldwater fish so I would recommend that you do not place together.

Should goldfish be kept with other fish?

depends on the kind of fish ;; the fish kept with your goldfish shouldn't not be likely to eat goldfish ;; you can keep female beta fish with other fish just not males becuase they are preditorial

What is the best environment to keep a goldfish in?

a fish tank!

What cold water fish can you keep in an aquarium?


How many fishes does a goldfish have?

Goldfish do not keep fish. Goldfish lay eggs they don't give birth to live young

Is a fish bowl a solution?

A fish bowl is not a solution its what you keep your goldfish/ beta fish in :P

What breed of fish are good for beginners to keep?

Goldfish are pretty easy to keep.

How many goldfish can you keep in a standard fish bowl?

it depends how big the fish bowl is

Where should u keep your goldfish?

an aquarium or a fish tank

Can you keep 4 goldfish in 1 bowl?

No. Goldfish grow very large and are messy. Fancy goldfish need 20 gallons of water per fish plus 10 gallons for each additional fish (so 50 gallons at minimum for 4). Common and single tail goldfish need 30 gallons each plus 20 gallons for each additional fish

What fish can live with fantail goldfish?

To have the most sucess with your gold fish keep other fantails with it and you will keep the problems down.

Are goldfish and cichlids compatible?

Cichlids are very aggressive fish, and will not be compatible with goldfish. The only type of fish you could keep with cichlids, are other cichlids.

How many goldfish can you keep in a medium sized fish bowl?

Zero, goldfish need very clean cool water and are very dirty fish.

What fish can you keep with goldfish?

angel fish, silver dollar, paroon shark, molly can be kept with gold fish.

Can you keep a fancy goldfish in a 23 liter aquarium?

Yes (I keep fish too :P)

Can goldfish eat betta fish food?

No. But goldfish can eat tropical fish food, like bettas can. Do not feed goldfish any food that is for betta fish only.They can, but shouldn't there isn't enough nutrients in the food to keep goldfish healthy. Try flakes or pellets made specifically for goldfish.Not particularly only if the fighting fish is territorial, if so, quickly take the fighting fish out of the tank

How many 1.5 inch goldfish can a fiftyfive gallon aquarium hold?

Although the goldfish are very small and it may be tempting to put many goldfish in a tank that large, you have to resist these urges if you want your fish to be happy and healthy. Keep in mind that goldfish grow very large: 6-8 inches for the fancies, 6-12 inches for the more common ones. The rule of thumb "one inch of fish per gallon" just does not work with goldfish. A more accurate measurement of goldfish per gallon would be " for each inch of goldfish allow 3-4 gallons of water". Hope this helps- and remember though the fish are small now, they will soon grow very large and beautiful.

Can you keep discus fish with goldfish?

NO! Discus are very fragile fish- very sensitive Goldfish are messy plus, goldfish like temps in the 60's and discus like them in the 80's i can think of millions of other reasons do discus a favor and never keep them

Sentences about goldfish in a bowl?

To attempt to keep a goldfish in a bowl is not only cruel to the fish it is stupidity on the part of the owner because the fish will not survive in such poor conditions for long.

Which plecostamus can go with goldfish?

Yes. They should be fine. Just keep the water at about 73+ degrees Fahrenheit.