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Yes, you decide who is or isn't in the delivery room. His legal rights to the child do not extend to the delivery room. However, once the baby is born, he has as much right to it as you do. You cannot keep him from seeing his baby unless you have a court order and even then, you need a good reason to deny someone their rights.

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Q: Can you keep the father out of the delivery room before and after the child is born or at least until you leave the hospital?
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Is a hospital bill considered child support?

No. A hospital bill is not considered child support. However, the court can require the father to pay the hospital costs for the birth of his child.

Can you find out the father of your child before the child is born?


Why is the father required to watch the birth of the child?

Because simply, he is the father of the child and to support wife during entire labor and delivery. That is why there is a lamaze classes offered to help couples understand the process of labor and delivery. Remember it is a joint effort.

Son and father are driving and get into a head-on collision father dies instantly and the son goes to the hospital The doctor looks at the child and says 'I can't operate on this child he is my son'?

The doctor is the mother of the child.

Can you leave the state with your child if you are unmarried to the father?

If the father has custody of the child, he must consent to your leaving before you can legally take the child with you.

Can the father's name be put on the birth certificate if not present?

In Arkansas, if the father is not present or if the parents are not married, the father has to sign an affidavit of paternity before his name can be placed on the child's birth certificate. Check with the hospital or contact your states department of vital statistics.

Is a step mom's liable for a step child's hospital bills when she is no longer married to the child's father?

Only if she adopted the stepchild.

Problems in child delivery when father is o negative?

Blood type and Rh factor do not affect the health of a child except in rare conditions, usually due to incompatibility with the mother and child when the father and are positive but the mother is negative.

How long before the child does not remember her father?

depends on there age when they were or are seprated from there father

Im not divorced and your ex husband is not the father of the child whos name can go on the birth certificate?

The name of the actual father of the child should go on the birth certificate. If you are not legally divorced, then your legal husband would be automatically considered to be the child's father by law. If the child has a different father, he can complete a voluntary acknowledgement of the paternity of a child, in which he signs that he is the child's father and is therefore put on the birth certificate and named as the legal father. The hospital will help with this after the baby is born.

If the mother leaves the state before the child is born is the father required to pay child support?

Because the mother leaves the state does not change who the father of the child is. Yes, the father is still required to pay child support.

If a biological father of an adopted child wants rights when he was never there for the child even before the birth?

Adoption means the legal father of the child is not the biological father. By giving up the child for adoption the father gave up all rights pertaining to the child. In court the adoptive parent will be the victor.

Is biological father liable for child support if the mother got married before the birth of the child?

Yes , the biological father will be held legally responsible for the support of his child .

How can one determine who a child's father is after pregnancy?

You can have a simple swab test done on the baby and the potential father(s). They do it on the inside of the mouth so no blood test is needed. Speak to your doctor or tell them at the hospital before you go home (if the father is there). If he refuses you can get a court order for a test to be taken.

What age does a child have to be before a father with partial custody is legally allowed to take a child without supervision?

Why would the father need supervision?

Can a father's name be on the birth certificate if parents are unmarried and father is not present at the hospital?

Im not sure about specific state's rules about this, but in NY, no. Unless the father is present to sign off on the birth certificate paperwork, they cannot be put down as the father. It can be amended later, and they can be added, but not at the hospital. The child can still take the father's name, but the section about the father will be blank.

What are the Duties of a father before the birth of his child?

buy the child what ever he/she needs like a bottle

How do you legitimize a child?

One way to legitimize a child is to take a paternity test or have the father sign a paternity acknowledgment form. If the mother married the father before the child is born this will also legitimize the child.

Can a father of an unborn child out of wedlock stop the mother of the child from moving out of the country before giving birth?

No the father has no paternal rights until the baby is born.

What are examples of sentences with 'had had' in them?

The child had had his supper before his father took him out to the circus.

Can the mother receive child support after the child is 18 and the father hasn't seen the child for 5 years?

The mother cannot receive child support for a child who is over the age of 18. However, if the father owes money from before, that money has to be paid to the mother, even if the child is over 18. The father owes child support whether or not he sees the child.

A father and son in the car get into an accident father dies instanly his son is brought the hospital the doctor replys icannot operate on this child why?

Because the doctor is the son's mother.

What hospital was Julia Child born at?

Julia Child was born at Pasendena hospital in California

Which is the best hospital for infertility in woman?

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It it legal for a mother with a child from another father who has visitation rights to allow her fiance to move into the house with the child from the original father before marriage?

I don't believe so.