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NO, you can, but this is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause food-borne illness. Remember that even potentially fatal food-borne illnesses don't change the appearance or taste of the food, so even if it looks and smells "okay," please don't eat it! The danger zone for food is 4°C to 60°C (40°F to 140°F). When it has been in that range of temperatures for four hours or more it is not safe to eat. When food has been left out over night the only thing to do with it is throw it out in the morning and start again.

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Q: Can you leave chicken soup on the stove over night in a pot with a lid on it without any heat?
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Can frozen chicken soup be defrosted overnight on the stove?

Leave it in The Fridge You Chicken Wing ;)

If I left chicken soup out on the stove over night and it has foam on it is it bad?

Of course it is bad foam is bad fr chicken soup.

Can you leave bean soup over night on stove?

NO! That would seriously burn your house down!

How do you leave a stove burning overnight?

A heating stove can be kept on all night. Just make sure to keep anything flammable a safe distance away.

How do you cook a chicken on the top of the stove?

A chicken can be cooked on a stove in a few ways. These methods can be sauteeing, steaming, broiling, boiling, braising, baking, and frying.

Can you eat cooked carrots cabbage and potatoes that have sat out all night on the stove?

If they were throughly cooked the night before, and the stove was off all night, they should be fine.

How do you reduce chicken stock?

You can heat it in a pot over the stove until it gets more condensed, which can be indicated by the color and taste. By reducing a liquid, you are essentially cooking out--or evaporating-- the water. Just keep heating it over the stove and the water will steam and leave the liquid, leaving behind the chicken stock and salt (and everything else in the stock that isnt water).

How do you cook chicken in the fridge?

You can't cook chicken in the fridge. Chicken is cooked on the stove top, grill, oven, deep fryer or slow cooker.

Can you burn a pan?

yes, you can leave a pan on the stove. If you leave it there over 4 hours.

Can you leave tomato sauce on the stove overnight?

yes you can

Can you eat left over pizza if left out over night?

Yes. You can eat left over Pizza. Only if you put it in the refrigerator. If you leave it out like on the stove or something you might get sick.

How long do you fry chicken tenders on the stove top?

Chicken tenders will need to be fried in hot oil. The chicken tenders will need to be cooked on each side for about 6 -7 minutes.

If you pop popcorn on the stove will it leave any un-popped kernels?

Yes. All popcorn will leave a few old maids.

Is it safe to leave a gas burner stove on low for 5 hours?


How long do you leave a hot dog for on the stove?

5-10 minutes

How do you make fried chicken on the stove At what temperature and how long do you let it cook?

To fry your chicken, fill your pot with oil, heat it to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, add chicken and maintain the temperature at 300 degrees Fahrenheit as the chicken fries.

How do you boil water without the stove?

i can boil by coil

Can you reheat cooked chicken sausages?

Yes. Try microwaving, heating in a skillet on a stove, or in an oven.

Is there an easy chicken recipe online I could try?

The easiest is to throw on some tortillas and cheese on the stove. Toss the chicken on them and finish off with some veggies and you've got great chicken tacos.

How do you start a fire on the sims 2?

Well, I do not think you can make a fire, but you can cook on the stove without any cooking skills, then leave and the food will burn and probably, burn the stove too, and eventually spread all over the house (do not call the fire department or buy a fire alarm).

Are there any easy chicken recipes online?

There are several easy chicken recipes that do not need you standing next to the stove for hours. Many good chicken recipes involve frying or baking. A good collection of chicken recipes is available on

Can spaghetti sauce spoil sitting on the stove over night?

Yes. Spaghetti sauce can spoil if left sitting on the stove at room temperature overnight.

Am I crazy to think that you can NOT leave cooked chicken or turkey out on the stove for days and still safely consume it?

No. You are not crazy. Potentially hazardous food should not be left unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours. At that point, it should be reheated or placed in the refrigerator.

Can you eat spaghetti left on the stove over night?

Only if its Friday at 6pm.

Is it ok to leave meat in the stove after it is cooked?

Yes, until it is cool. Then place in the fridge.