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You can leave your home at the age of 18 without parent consent or guardian consent. You have to be emancipated and/or have a child to live on your own. you also have to show the court that you are able to support yourself. The legal age of majority in most states is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. Pregnancy or having a child does not automatically confer emancipation status on a minor.

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Q: Can you leave home at the age of 16?
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Can you leave home home at age 16 in NY?

No you have to be 18.

What age do you have to be to leave home?

you can be 16 to leave home

What age did Marilyn Monroe leave home?


Legal age to leave from home?

Age of majority - 18. Can also leave home at the age of 16 but must be able to financially take care of yourself. Can go to court and become an emancipated minor at age 16

At what age in Ontario Canada can a child choose to leave home?

In Canada, the age that a child/youth can leave home varies from province to province. In Ontario a youth can leave home, without parental permission, at the age of 16.

Can a 16-year-old leave home and move in with a friend?

Can you move out at age 16, without parents permition? can a 16year old leave home

What is the legal age to leave home in British Columbia?


What is the legal age for a teenager to leave home in Michigan?


Can you leave home legally at age 16 in South Africa?

no you can not. only at the age of 18.

What is legal age to leave home in Ill?

you can get parent permision at 16, but you can leave when you want at 18

Can a child leave home at the age of 16 in Texas?

yes if they get emancipated

Can you leave home in the us at age 16 without parental permision?

No you can not.

Can a 17 year old boy leave home without permission in nova scotia?

The age of majority is 19 in NS but you can leave or be kicked out and be on your own from the age of 16. Under 16 they will have to bring you back home.

When is the legal age to leave home in Australia?

you can be 16 if you have somewere to goyou can be 16 if you have somewere to go

What age is it legal for a child to leave home in the united kingdom?

The legal age to be able to leave home is 16, however, the law is different in parts of the United Kingdom.

Can you leave home at age 16 with another friend at age 16 in the UK?

From what i know you're allowed to leave home at the age of 16 as long as you both have parental consent..I want to move out next year (i'll be 16 then) but my parents dont want me to so i can't go as its law for me to have consent..i can;t just leave without their sucks!

At what age can a person legally leave home in Quebec?

A person can legally leave home at 16 years old with the parent assent or by himself at the age of 18 years old.

How old does a child have to be to leave home in the UK?


When is the legal age to leave home?

18 when you are an adult. At 16 you are still a minor.

What is the legal age for a person leave home in England?


Im the state of mo.Can a child leave home in moat age 16?

No you can not.

Is there a legal age in ma when a child can be home alone?

I think 16 is the age you can leave your child home alone depending on how long you are gone for if it is a few days then 16 or 18 for definite.

What is the legal age you can leave home without the permission of your parents.16 or 18?


Can you leave home with an 18 year old at the age of 16 without pantal permision?

No you can not.

Legal age in South Africa for child to leave home without parents consent?

In south africa legal age to move from home is 16