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Can you leave the country for an emergency for 10 days if your ex-wife is suing you for child support but you did not get anything in the mail yet?


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2007-05-29 16:13:06
2007-05-29 16:13:06

Pending civil court cases, including child support cases, do not automatically enjoin you from leaving the country, unless there is a specific order restraining you from doing so. Even after you receive something in the mail, unless it says "you are not to leave the country", you can leave the country. You must have lawyers or some legal assistance so it's important that you put in writing why you are leaving the country and when you will be back. As long as you are honest, intend on coming back then there is no reason you can't leave the country. Marcy If there's no warrants or even court orders not to leave, you can go and come as much as your money and proper credentials allow you to.


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