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Well Yes You Can Leave The House At 16 But If Your Parents Are Not To Keen About It You May Run Into A Bit Of Trouble On The Way. But Tenchnically Yes You Can Leave At 16 Because I Am!

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Q: Can you leave your parents house at 16 to another relatives house without getting in trouble?
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How do you avoid getting into trouble by your parents?


How do you avoid getting in trouble with parents?

by telling them the truth instead of lying.

At the age of 14 can move away from your parents without getting in trouble?


Jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire?

getting out of a trouble and getting into another one.

Can you leave your parents house at age 18 without getting in trouble?

yes legally. but its up to your parents

How do you get out of trouble from your parents?

hiow do you get out of trouble from your parents

Can a 17 year old female leave her parents house in Texas with getting in trouble by the police and without parents consent?

if u do that u can get in trouble cause ur not 18

In Florida can a 17 year old move out of her parents houe without getting in trouble?


Can move out of your parents house at the age of seventeen without getting into legal trouble?

in Texas you can

You want to find out the info about how old a girl has to be for a guy to date her without getting n trouble with the law?

For not getting into trouble with the law, check your local legislation. For a quick guide: For not getting into trouble with her parents: nowhere!

Can a 16 yr old move into another family members house in Missouri without getting in trouble by police?

of course, if their parents allow them, but you wouldn't get in trouble, because their your family members right? so you know each other

Can you leave your parents at age 17 with out getting in trouble?

You will only be able to leave your parents home at 17 with permission. the parents can call the police if you leave before you are 18.

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