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Can you legally leave your house at age 16 in North Carolina?


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No, the legal age of majority for the state is 18.


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In the state of South Carolina, you can legally leave your parents house without consent when you reach the age of majority. In South Carolina that is age 18.

It would be legal if the parents have approved. Otherwise you will have to wait until 18 or have a court order.

Legally, in North Carolina, you cannot leave your parent's home until you reach your majority (at age 18). Although, it is true that in some counties in North Carolina, the police will not make you return to your parent's home if you are age 17 and one half years old. (No, I will not name the counties where this holds true.)

You have to be 18 to legally move out of your parents house. However, your parents can sign a form that says that you can leave legally.

Being pregnant does not make a girl an adult. Until the law considers her an adult, at age 18, she lives where her parents tell her to.

No, you cannot legally apply for unemployment insurance if you voluntarily leave your employmnent, for whatever reason.

You can legally leave your parents house at 16.

Yes, legally at 16 if you can support yourself.

Legally it's 18. If you however move out at 17 they will most likely leave you be since after going through the court to try to be emancipated you will most likely be 18 anyway.

No, you cannot do that. I've been trying to do this for many years, however, at age 17 you can legally leave your house without police involvement.

No if parents don't like it. They can emancipate you if they want to.

The legal age of sexual consent in North Carolina is 16 years old. A child can leave home at the age of 18 in North Carolina.

The age when a student can leave high school in North Carolina with parental consent is 16.

In North Carolina you can leave home at 16 years old and a parent can not make that person come back home. If a parent calls the Police and reports the person has run away all they will do is, call the parent if they locate this person and tell them where they are at, but they will not pick them up and bring them home once they are 16 years old.

ya cause i live in n.c. and my stepbrother moved out 2 days after he turned 17

Not without parental permission in North Carolina. Until they reach 18 the parents are responsible for him.

The original states to leave the uni on were: Alabama, Arkansas, Tennese, Georgia, Lousiana, Florida, Texas, Mississipi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

I will just walk out because really they dont have the right to tell you, you cant leave if you have your diploma yes you can leave the house becasue by law you are legally and aldult so just walk out who cares what they say because i am about to leave my house

Nobody would inherit the house, the owner still has it. If the property is in her name, he has no rights to it and cannot leave it to anyone else.

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