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Yes. Conviction of a felony, being under indictment, being a fugitive, or being convicted of domestic violence are disqualifiers.

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Q: Can you legally own a gun if you have an old misdemeanor charge that was thrown out of court With no conviction and no probation?
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Can you buy a handgun in Arizona with a misdemeanor charge?

It depends on the misdemeanor CONVICTION. If it was for a crime of domestic violence, no.

If you have a gross misdemeanor charge in Nevada and on probation is it a felony violation?


Is a misdemeanor considered a conviction?

A misdemeanor is the designation of the severity of the charge or judgment against you, not whether or not you are convicted. Misdemeanors are minor and felonies are major. You are charged with one, and then you either win or lose the case and only then, if you lose, is there a conviction. The conviction on a misdemeanor is not as serious as a conviction of a felony.

Will a misdemeanor charge stop you from the medical field?

Maybe, depends on the conviction and the employer.

Will you have to take a drug test for a misdemeanor marijuana charge?

Yeah you will, when they put you on probation

If you have a misdemeanor can you get a gun?

Yes. Actually, it depends on what the charge is. If it is a misdemeanor for domestic violence, you legally possess a gun.

Can i own a gun while on misdemeanor probation?

It depends on the charge and the terms of the probation. You should really check with your probation officer or an attorney familiar with firearms laws.

Leaving the scene of an accident charge Can you still become a probation officer?

Depends on if it is felony or misdemeanor. Misdemeanor than yes, eventually but with a felony than no.

Can you join the army with a domestic assault misdemeanor charge?

A charge, or an actual conviction? If you have a past charge for which you were found not guilty, yes. If the charge is pending, or if you've actually been convicted, then no. Why? Well, in the case of a pending charge, you simply can't enlist with pending criminal charges. In the case of a conviction, what do you handle in the military? Firearms. And what, under federal law, are you not permitted to purchase, possess, or be granted access to with a felony conviction or with a domestic violence conviction, whether it be a misdemeanor or felony? Firearms.

Will drug testing be part of probation for larceny misdemeanor in Michigan?

Anyone placed on probation for any charge is restricted from consuming alcohol and/or illicit drugs.

Is being placed on probation still a felony conviction?

In most jurisdictions, yes. This is dependent on what you plead guilty to or are found guilty of. If the charge was amended down from a felony (say Trafficking in Controlled Substance) to a misdemeanor (say possession of marijuana) then it is not a felony conviction. However, if you plead guilty to felony charge with the stipulation of probation for sentencing (or are found guilty and placed on probation after a sentencing hearing) then you are a convicted felon. Generally speaking, it matters not the punishment for the crime you have committed but what you have been found guilty of or plead guilty to.

What happens if you violate your probation on a misdemeanor DUI charge from another state?

You get a bench warrant and go to jail

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