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Can you legally remove built-in appliances from your foreclosed home?

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No, everything has to stay built in. Even ceiling fans and so forth. Hope this helps.

2006-07-23 13:46:17
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Can you legally remove kitchen appliances including the washer and dryer from your foreclosed home?

It is in your mortgge document. Usully fixtures stay, appliances can go. Be aware of the difference, if an appliance is build into the kitchen it is a fixture, if it is just plugged in its an appliance. Read your mortgage document, some states allow or it is common that some appliances are considered part of the house. If you take fixtures the lender can ask for restitution.

Why is a foreclosed mobile home still on the property?

There are many reasons why a foreclosed mobile home might not be immediately removed from its location. Often this is pending a resale. If you do not want a home to remain on your property after losing it to foreclosure, you will have to legally notify the repossessing owner to remove it.

Can you remove the Catalytic Converter from a 1982?

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Can you legally remove anything from your house in a foreclosure?

Yes, the lender is foreclosing on the property, not the contents.The exception is, any items, furnishings, drapes, blinds, appliances (dishwasher, garbage disposal, etc.) etc. that were installed in the home at the time of purchase.

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IF A HOUSE has been foreclosed what are the rules and regulations about going onto the property?

If a house has been foreclosed the lender has taken possession of the property and the borrower no longer owns it. Therefore the former owner has no right after the foreclosure to enter the premises. Arrangements to remove personal property should be made prior to the foreclosure sale.

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Yes, if he does not have a rental agreement. He is a legal adult and the parents are no longer legally or financially responsible for his welfare. The law does, however, presume that the adult person needs to be given a reasonable amount of time (no less than 14 days) to find other lodgings and to remove his or her personal belongings. Please be advised, that personal property includes any items, (furniture, appliances, etc.) that were gifted to the person and not just those items that said person purchased themselves.