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Well, the right way to do it would be to take the friend to court and sue him for the money. The underhanded sneaky thing would be to report the car stolen, as the title is not in his/her name.

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Q: Can you legally repo a car you sold to a friend with no contract and the title is in your name?
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Can you legally repo a car that is not in your name if you have a contract?

yes If you are on the title as lien holder. If not, you will need to go to court and show that the person with the car has defaulted on the contract.

In Texas what rights do you have if you sold a car to a friend who stopped making payments per a signed contract if the title is still in your name?

The title is in your name, so you hold all the rights.

If you sold a car with no written contract the buyer took it from MN to VA and is not making payments can you go get it if title is in your name?

LEGALLY, YES, you can go get it IF your name is on the TITLE. be ready to deal with the money part of the deal from him.

What if the buyer does not get the title in their name?

if da buyer does not get da title in their name legally is not ders

What is another name for contract?

A Legally Binding Agreement.

Can you take the car you sold to a friend who has not finished paying for the car but is in her name?

As long as its in HER NAME on the TITLE, you better have a loan contract showing the car as collateral before you 'take" it.

I bought a car in October and put the title under the name of a friend but we are no longer friends and I want the car back do i have any rights to get it back?

You signed away those "rights" when the title was assigned into the name of the former friend. The only way to revert things back on the title, is for the former friend to "sign off" as owner and for you to "sign on" as buyer - then take the ownership document to your local Motor Vehicle office and have the title legally changed to your name.

If you never registered your vehicle in your name but you did get the title in your name is the car legally yours?

Yes, if it is paid for. If it is not paid for it is legally owned by the lien holder(s) whose name appears on the title. The vehicle title always designates ownership.

Can you legally repossess a car you sold to a friend with a contract and the title is in your name?

Absolutely, if the friend has not paid the payments that were agreed upon in the contract you can absolutely go and reposess the car, just before you do, ask yourself how good of a friend this is, maybe they are going through a hard time a need a little break from you, if you want the car back worse than you want your friend, then by all means, go and get it, might want to go to the local police office and get a police officer to go with you just in case there is a problem.

Can somebody forge your name on a title to a vehicle an sale it?

Legally? Absolutely not.

If you sell a friend a car and he defaults on the loan can you take the car back if the title is still in your name?

Was there a written contract between you and your friend that listed repossession as a cure for non payment? I would consider contacting an attorney on this one.

At what age can you put a vehicle title in your name in Missouri?

When you are considered to be legally an adult. Minors are not capable, 'legally,' of "owning" property.

What is the name of the only American who legally held a title of nobility?

Benjamin Thompson

Who owes the car the person with title or bill of sale?

The person with their name on the title legally owns the car. Bottom line.

Your friend is selling you a car he bought from someone but he still ows them money and they wont give him the title unless he pays them what should you do?

It is not his car to sell legally unless the title is in his name with no liens. If you want to buy the car, you need to reach an agreement with the titleholder.

Can you buy a car for a friend and put his name on the title?


Can i sell my real property if there is a conveyance title in someone else's name?

You can sell your real property if there is a conveyance title in someone else's name, but the money will not legally be yours. The money will belong to the person who has the title.

How do you get a car title in my name if i brought the car from a friend?

You get a new title from the DMV. (Division of Motor Vehicles)

How do you get property inside the vehicle when your ex boyfriend legally take the title out of your name?

You cant your screwed!

What is needed in Utah to repossess a vehicle that has been sold privately with no written contract if the title is still in your name?

1. to avoid the hassles(possible lawsuits) next time, BETTER paperwork on your part. Contract, payment record, security lien on the car.IF the title is in your name, you are merely taking possession of your car. How will you explain why you did it when the debtor reports it stolen? He said/you said???If the title is still in your name, you actually have more leverage. The car is still legally yours. If you have any questions feel free to email me, I own my own repossession company.

How do you add a name to the title of a car not paid off yet - in the state of Arkansas?

You cannot add a name to a title that is not paid off yet without renegotiating the contract. You can transfer a title after it is paid off.

What does it mean to title your car?

A title is a document that proves ownership of the vehicle. A vehicle cannot be legally registered and licensed. When you purchase a vehicle you receive the title from the seller. You take the title to the DMV, fill out the paperwork and you will receive a new title in your name and the name of any lien holders.

Can parents legally still take your car away when your name is on the title and the title is in your possession?

It depends if they pay for the expenses such as insurance, gas, repairs etc.

Can you sell a car with a title that's not in your name?

No you can't. It doesn't belong to you. Even if you made all the payments on the car, it is not "legally" yours until or unless the title is in your name. But all you have to do is have the one who's name is on the title sign the back of it, relinguishing ownership of the vehicle. Then take it to the DMV and have the title switched over to your name.

How can you buy a car if the title is in someone else name?

you don't to be on the safe side. legally you are not buying it actual