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Can you legally tow a car with your vehicle?

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Depends on the state. Hawaii? Yes! Aloha. Answer 2 Varies from state to state. Typically you can tow anything that your license class will allow. Higher license classes allow for more towing capability obviously. Also, you are required to "properly secure" all connections prior to departure and not tow anything that exceeds what your own car can handle. Also, you are not to tow anything so heavy that it can interfere with the handling of the car that is doing the towing.

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Can you tow a car with a rope legally?


Do I have to be with the vehicle to get a tow?

No, as long as you leave the keys with the car and let us know how you are paying, you do not need to be with the vehicle to get a tow.

How do you tow a car legally?

With a tow truck and a license for towing =D

Is it legal for a tow truck driver to tow your car while you're still in the vehicle?

It is illegal for a tow truck to tow your car while someone still present in the vehicle.

Can you tow a car with a tow bar legally?

Sure can. Look at those big RV's on the road ... most are pulling a car using a tow bar.

Tow Car Dolly?

form_title= Tow Car Dolly form_header= Need a tow car dolly? Talk to an expert. Is your vehicle 4 wheel drive?*= () Yes () No What is the make and model of your vehicle?*= _ [50] How many miles are you traveling?*= _ [50]

Is it safe to tow a car on icy roads?

No, not if you are towing a vehicle with a tow rope. If the tow car loses traction it could cause both cars to veer of the road. If the towed vehicle is unable to stop, it could impact the tow vehicle. Either situation is bad, just shell out the money and pay a professional tow truck.

How do I make Jeep Cherokee tow more weight?

You trade it in for a heavier, stronger vehicle. Legally, what's required is that the tow vehicle has a certain size/weight when compared to what's being towed. So if you want to haul heavier gear legally you need a heavier vehicle

Is it legal for a tow truck to take your car if you show up before is in the truck?

If you do something making your car liable to be towed, it can legally be towed the moment you're in violation, whether parking in a prohibited area, being on a public roadway with expired tags, whatever. Either the police can initiate the tow, or a private party can initiate the tow to have your vehicle removed from their property.

Can you tow a handicapped designated car?

The same way you'd tow any other car. The handicap designation does not affect the mechanics of a car.Added: If you are asking about re-possessing a handicapped designated vehicle, the answer is yes.As long as the legally required re-possession paperwork is in order there is no prohibition against it.

Can they tow your car for driving an unregistered vehicle in NH?


Can a dealer tow a vehicle-with their own tow truck-if it has been impounded or if the dealer is repossessing it?

If they are legally repossessing it, it is their truck and they can do what they want with it.

Does it hurt a 4 wd vehicle to tow it with car off?

not as long as you don t tow it backwards

Car Tow Dolly?

form_title= Car Tow Dolly form_header= Moving is easy with a car tow dolly. When do you need the dolly?*= _ [50] What is the make and model of the vehicle?*= _ [50] How long will you need the dolly?*= _ [50]

Can a tow truck just take your car?

If they are repossessing the vehicle for the bank, Yes.

Is it legal to tow boat with a car?

(in the US) If the car and trailer are properly equipped - and the tow vehicle is not over-loaded - and the car, boat, and trailer are properly licensed and registered I believe it is legal anwhere.

Do you need a CDL to tow a car with a tow truck?

That depends on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the tow truck. If it's more than 26,000 lbs., then yes.

Your car was impounded can you sell it to the tow company?

Well, in a sense, they sell you your car back.See, from the time your car is towed, you are assessed daily fees. In order to regain possession of your car you must pay those fees in full. If you do not reclaim your car within a certain time frame, the tow company will file for a lien on your car. They will be granted the lien and will be issued the title for the vehicle (irregardless of whether or not the car has a bank lien). They will then sell the car at auction.If you want your car, go get it...and soon. If not, you will not get a dime from the tow company for it, but they willlegally take possession of it.

Can an uninsured driver with no vehicle drive a friends car?

Legally, NO

How do you know if your tow vehicle can tow your trailer?

Compare the GVW of the trailer with the towing capacity of the tow vehicle.

Can a tow company sell your car with an auto lien if bank still owns it?

In some situations, yes. If a shop has a mechanic's lien on your vehicle for nonpayment of services, and the lender is notified that sale is immanent but makes not effort to stop it, the vehicle may legally be sold.

Your car was taken without your permission while you were in jail and then got impounded the does the tow company need to inform you before they sell your car?

there is a certain period of time they have to hold on to it depending on state laws, for you to retrieve your vehicle. after that they may legally sell it without contacting you.

Can you tow my vehicle if it is in a parking garage?

The conventional way of towing cars with the emergency brake on can not be (that is, with two wheels on the street). ... If two non-driving wheels on the ground are towing your car and the parking brake is released, there should be no damage to the car.

Can a 16 year old legally own a vehicle in Arkansas?

Yes you can legally own a car at 16 in AR.

Can a reposessor report a car stolen if he does not have it in his possession?

If it is really stolen by someone and not simply in possession of the lendee. The owner of the vehicle is the only one who can report a vehicle stolen, not the lender. But if the car is taken to the tow companys and yard and is now "missing" then the tow company can report the missing car since they had it in their possession. The first place the police will come to though is your house. The police will not come to your house it is a civil matter.The tow company cannot report the vehicle stolen it is not their vehicle to report stolen.