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In my opinion, it is very OK to let your children read Harry Potter. You should sit your child down and tell (s)he that they are fantasy, and that the spells, incantations, and creatures are make-believe. If your children understand that they are not real, the books are perfectly fine for children over 10 (Based on Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince (6). Book 1 is probably OK for children 8 and older). Again, make sure your children know that the books are fantasy. ~A 12-Year Old In Ohio ==My Opinion== Yes! Its a great book, it lets you use your imagination. Just remember to tell them it's fictional. In the end the choice is up to you. Read the books if they seem good let them read it.

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Q: Can you let your children aged 11 to 13 read Harry Potter?
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What is the age level for Harry Potter books?

The Harry Potter books are aged for approximately 10+ Easy to read, mild language, mild fantasy violence

Were Harry Potters books published for children to read?

The Harry Potter series of books were created for people of all ages to read.

How did Harry Potter change future literature?

Harry Potter made it more acceptable for adults to read books that are considered to be written for children.

What was the impact on children after reading the Harry Potter series?

they never wanted to read again

What should you read fablehaven or harry pottor?

it's spelled Harry Potter. and I think you should read Harry Potter.

What happens to Ron in Harry Potter and the deathly hollows?

he marrys herminie and they have children i read the book

Why Harry Potter has restriccion of age?

Well, young children should not read them as they have battle scenes.

How many Harry Potter books has Barack Obama read?

All of them, and he has seen all the movies several times. He is a huge Harry Potter fan. He encourages all children and adults alike to read them as well.

How did Harry Potter contribe to the society?

If you mean this society, Harry Potter has encouraged young children world wide to read more, especially as Harry Potter was released, and shot to fame in the early/mid 90s, when tv games, computers and TV was starting to "take over". Harry Potter is undoubtedly one of the most popular books, probably ever, and has contributed in the way that it made young children not only read the book, but want to read more.

What order should you read the Harry Potter books?

read them in order (Harry Potter 1, Harry Potter 2, etc., up to Harry Potter 7).ORwatch the first 6 movies (so you know what happens and are updated) and then read the 7th book

Why should a Christian read Harry Potter?

Some Christians believe that to read Harry Potter is a sin. If you do not believe this and want to read the books then you can.

What characters in Lego Harry Potter have books to read runes?

no characters have books to read runes in lego harry potter.

Why do you like Harry Potter and the prisioner of Azkaban?

although am a girl, i love to read about boys and harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban was a challenge to me and i read more about harry potter books and what happened to him

Does Obama read Harry Potter?

Yes he did. When his children were young, around 2007-2008, he read Harry Potter books to them, as did the First Lady, Michelle Obama. He also watched Harry Potter movies with his daughters, and according to news sources, President Obama was very pleased when he met the author, J.K. Rowling, in 2009.

Does Harry Potter get any children?

Yes.....In the epilogue to 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', we are told that Harry has three children with his wife, Ginny (Weasley) Potter. There are two sons, James Sirius and Albus Severus. There is a daughter, Lily Luna. So you are saying, Ginny, pretty much, has no say in the names of her children... I actually knew, I read the booook

Where can you read Harry Potter stories online?

You can find many Harry Potter fanfictions online.

What positive impact have the Harry Potter books had on society?

They have made many children wish to read books again.

What kind of people should read Harry Potter?

People who enjoy fantasy and mystery books should read the Harry Potter series.

What do you do after you complete Harry Potter ootp?

welll, you could read harry potter and the half-blood prince

How do you get ready for a Harry Potter movie?

Watch all the Harry Potter movies before it and read the book.

Should you choose Harry Potter or enchanted?

I would recommend Harry Potter. I have read both, and Harry Potter is better in the way that you really connect with the characters as you read about their journey through life. While Enchanted is a good book, Harry Potter will leave you begging for more.

Can you read Harry Potter online?

Not legally.

Which are the best books you read?

harry potter

Why are the Harry Potter books good to read?

They are action packed fun and they rock. If you like fantasy secrets wizards well then read Harry Potter.

What was the first chapter book Harry Styles read?

Harry Potter.