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Can you list which Christian denominations believe that anyone may go to heaven?


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The Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the United Church, & possibly the Orthodox Church.


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No, Christians believe in heaven.

They do, but not in the same concept as other Christian churches. Christian Scientists believe that heaven and hell are just a state of mind and not actual places such as the bible teaches.

Almost nothing if you examine the beliefs carefully. Unless you take the fact that most feel that they along have all the answers correct, the differences include:They interpret and believe in different aspects of the Biblical teaching to their own sects preferencesThet have different criteria for entry into heaven or condemnation to HellEven the belief in the Christian Jesus is not a universal concept. Some Christian groups believe in a singular godhead, others in a Trinity.

Yes, Episcopal "people" believe in God and heaven. They get their beliefs from the Christian Bible.

They believe that there is a heaven and hell and if you are unknown by god you will go to hell but if you believe and repent about yours sins you will go to heaven .

The first question is whether anyone goes to heaven - in other words wehther heaven even exists. If heaven does not exist it simply does not matter whether you believe in Jesus, since no one is going there. If you believe in heaven, but not in Jesus, then you re in some way religious. Jews and Muslims believe in heaven, but do not believe that Jesus was divine. As with Christian belief, it is only a matter of faith for them, but they do believe that they will go to heaven. There are other religions that worship other gods, where the faithful believe in a heaven or paradise - they also believe they can go to their heaven. This is all a matter of faith, and faith alone. You need to decide what your own beliefs are, and follow them. If you want to go to heaven, all you can do is believe that it exists.

I personally do not believe in a heaven, however according to Christian doctrine no mortal knows because no mortal has gone to and returned from heaven.

A:Presumably the fact of being a Christian means that gay Christians probably believe in the possibility of going to heaven.

honestly how can anyone possibly answer this? but if you believe it, it will happen

Why would anyone who calls themselves a Christian want to hail the queen of heaven? The queen of heaven is opposed to Jesus Christ, masquarades as Mary the mother of Jesus but is in fact from the opposite camp! Jesus Christ died and rose again so that we who believe in Him have direct access to the Father in Heaven. Why do we need to worship anyone else?

Different Christian denominations have different beliefs in this respect. But in general, the do believe in some kind of afterlife, either in heaven or hell right when you die, or returning back to life right here on Earth, on Resurrection day, which seems to be related with the Second Coming of Jesus. Probably if you look around (with different Christian denominations), you will find yet other variations.

Yes they do, they believe that heaven is after earth (depending if you are a christian) and that non-believers go to hell.

Some people think god lives and heaven and some do not i myself believe that god lives in heaven with jesus becauser i am a christian.

For a start, different Christian denominations will interpret the Scriptures differently. The basic Christian idea is that there is some kind of afterlife. Some believe that at death, you will go to heaven or hell immediately; others believe that you will be unconscious until the resurrection - which would pressumably happen when Christ returns. Several other religions (like Islam and the Bahá'í Faith) also believe in some afterlife; the idea being (similar to that of some Christian denominations) that the next world will be quite different from this one. Some religions believe in reincarnation - according to these beliefs, instead of going to a different world (like heaven or paradise), your sould would come back to this world, several times - in other bodies. A person who doesn't believe in some kind of god would probably tend to believe there is no afterlife, either.

All people who don't believe in God certainly don't go to heaven unless they do not know about God. If they don't know about him and try to do good they most likely will be saved, though that part contradicts the teachings of a number of Christian denominations.

The beliefs about this vary, depending on the religion - and ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you want to believe; perhaps what belief you find more logical, etc. In general, to go to heaven, such beliefs require you to be good to other people, or to obey certain other laws (which, of course, vary depending on the religion), or (in the case of many Christian denominations) simply to believe in Christ.

It depends on your religion or what you believe. If your Christian or Jewish, they believe that you go to heaven. It really just depends on what YOU think.

An enormous amount of South Koreans are Christian and believe that Heaven is real, and some North Koreans are Christian, even though they have been persecuted in North Korea.

i dont know! maybe they go to elephant heaven? i am a MAJOR christian so i believe in heaven. :D (: No NaME :)

Christians believe that heaven is a place of happiness because people are with God and with everybody they love. Some Christians think there the only ones going to heaven but most of us don't believe that. The Bible says that anyone who loves knows God and is from God - but it doesn't say you have to be a Christain to get to heaven.

It depends for who you are. If you are a Christian, you will go to heaven. If you are not a christian, you will stay on earth. Who knows what will happen... Only God knows. To be accepted to heaven, you just have to believe that Jesus died for your sins, and you will be forgiven. PEACE Y'ALL.

Selena Gomez is a Christian, but she hasn't spoken much about her religious beliefs. Christians as a whole do believe in heaven, but no one except Selena can say for sure what she personally believes.

Edison was an atheist, or at most, a deist or pantheist. He did not believe that there is an immortal soul, or Heaven.

Some Christians believe that you can not go to heaven if you have never heard of Jesus. Others say that the failure of someone to worship Jesus can not be a rejection of Jesus if he has never heard of Jesus, and therefore the person can go to heaven if he has lived a good life. It is all a matter of faith on the part of Christians themselves. What Christians can not prove is that heaven even exists. So we can not know for certain that anyone goes to the Christian heaven. It is all a matter of faith.

depends What religion you believe in if you are christian (or any form of christian): if he makes up for his sin he will Jewish: yes he will (there is no hell in Judaism)

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