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College freshman are generally required to live on campus, unless the student is already a local resident.

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Q: Can you live off campus as a freshman in college?
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Do ucsf freshman have to live on campus?

no you dont, you have a choice to live on or off of school campus

Can a college freshman buy an apartment?

Whether or not you can live off-campus depends on your college. Some Freshman must live in the dorms. If you are allowed to live off-campus, find an apartment that is in a decent area, is affordable (check and see if utilities and such are paid for to determine this, not just rent) and consider living their with a buddy or two.

Do most students commute at home or live on campus at Harvard College?

65% live off campus and commute to school

Where do duke students stay?

Freshman stay on East Campus and most upperclassmen stay on West with some living on Central Campus apartments. Additionally about 45% of seniors live off campus

Can you stay off campus on your freshman year at university of Arkansas?

Yes you must stay on campus in a dorm duing you freshman year at the university of Arkansas at fayitville.

Can you drive on campus as a freshman at Auburn University?

Yes, although there are almost no roads on the actual campus. You will either walk or ride a bike to all of your classes. If you live off campus, you can by a commuter parking pass and park in one the parking lots around campus that are designated for commuter parking. If you live on campus, you have get a resident parking pass, but as i understand it, they are difficult to get.

If you get married after high school do you have to live in a dorm for your freshman year eventhough you are married?

I'd be really surprised to hear of a co-ed college (at least in America) that doesn't allow married couples to live together either off campus or in a married couples dorm.

What is a difference between on campus interview and off campus interview?

if u get an interview at your college itself .. it is called as on campusif u get an interview at another college .. it is called as off campus

Can a parent get child support modified if the child moves out of state to attend college and live off campus?

Yes you can.

What is the cost for commuting to Princeton University?

Princeton University is not a commuter school. Freshmen are required to live in dorms on campus, with a few exceptions. For example, for security reasons, Imelda Marcos, daughter of the Philippine President, was permitted to live off-campus during her Freshman year.

Do all students have to live on campus at the University of Florida?

No, many students live off campus and commute.

How much would tuition be at Keuka College?

"Tuition at Keuka College, like other colleges, depends on a number of things. If you plan to live on campus, costs are about #35,000 plus books. If you plan to live off campus, costs run about $25,000."

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