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Ill answer my own question...they just have to sign papers and have a legal witness stamp it..Im in my aunt's house now!! :D

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If you are 14 can you get a job at Petco?

If you can get working papers from your school and your parents permission ,you can get a job.

Can a 16 year old marry a 21 year old with the parents permission in Mississippi?

Yes. Your parents would have to sign some legal papers, but yes.

In Arkansas how old do you have to be to drop out of school with or without permission from your parents?

Yes, But you need parents permission.. You have to go to the school and fill out the homeschooling papers. If you plan to drop out, make plans to get your GED immediately. You are dead in the water careerwise without it.

Can your parents sign over their rights to your boy friend?

If you are younger than eighteen, you can be legally emancipated from your parents. They can also sign papers giving you permission to marry your boyfriend.

Can a 17-year-old sign a lease for an apartment in Missouri without emancipation papers but with parental permission and a boyfriend being the main leaser on the lease?

{| |- | No, they cannot sign the lease paperwork. They can certainly move into the apartment with the permission of the parents. And if the parents or boyfriend sign the lease, there should be no problems. |}

Can you leave a 17 yrs old daughter living with a friend or relative if I move out of state?

Yes, you can do that. You have to give permission, and you might want to provide some guardianship papers for them. It also does not releave you of your responsibility for their welfare.

Can both parents drop custody papers?

no because they might ask for their papers

Is it legal if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

If your parents are not your biological parents and have adopted you and made themselves your legal guardians then they would have to have adoption papers or it wouldn't be legal.

What if child parents gave up child to a relative to raise and then the adoptive parents died how can that child prove that these were her adoptive parents?

If the child was adopted for real there should be papers signed by birth- and adoptive parents. The birth certificate is sometimes changed by the adoptive parents but not always. If the child was just handed to a relative and nothing was singed or they did not go to court for child support or there was no temporary custody signed, it gets trickier. Eye witnesses and people around could testify.

How do you get papers for a puppy if both parents do not have papers?

A vet will help you create the papers and documentation when you go in and get shots done for the puppy.

How do you get a copy of my medical records?

go to your family doctor and ask for permission papers to see your medical records you will have to sighn the release papers and you may have to show your identification to prove your hoever you are and if you mare under 18 you will have to have your parent with you for parent permission

How old do you have to be to live with a relative in Georgia?

Most likely YOU can live with your relative as long as he or she is 18+ and all legal guardian papers are worked out.

How do you go about moving out and getting married when 17?

You are almost 18, is it really that hard to wait until then. If not, ask your parents to sign a paper giving you permission. Call the justice of the peace and get the legal papers that need to be signed.

Where do you get parent consent papers to get married?

Your local marriage license office, normally the courthouse. They will tell you what form or format permission is required. It may take the parents physically showing up to sign the license application.

I have a Old English bulldog i have papers on my dog the male you mated her with don't have papers how do you get paper on your puppys?

You can't. The only way to get papers for the puppies would be if both parents had papers.

Can your parents just sign papers saying that they are n longer responsible for you and you move out?

They cannot simply wash their hands of you if you have not reached the age of majority. They can certainly give you permission to move out. You may have difficulty if you are not an adult in signing contracts.

How do you start looking for your kids that was adopted in Georgia?

If they were adopted you must've signed papers so look at them and find the adoptive agency. Or try your medical journals. Unless the children are adults though, you are not allowed to contact them without their parents permission.

How can you get a copy of adoption papers?

U or parents should have a copy of it.

Do your parents need to sing the papers for you to get emancipated?

No. You take them to court.

Another word for worksheets?

test paper sample test papers question papers

In New York if a girl is 17 and pregnant by a 23 year old and her family is ok with it is there any possible he can get in trouble?

Not unless someone reports him to the authorities. If your parents are OK with it, and the both of you want to get married (prenancy laws lean towards the young couple) your parents will have to sign legal papers giving their permission.

If a child is going to get a passport do both parents need to sign the papers?


Who serves court papers?

sheriffThere are also paid people who serve court papers and if you want to serve papers to someone you can also get another person to do it for you.

Will you be able to sell a fullbred puppy Vizsla at full price if the mom has Australian papers and the male has us papers?

Yes as long as the papers indicate the Vizsla is a pure bred and there is information on the parents.

What does transfer your credits mean?

If you are moving from a university to another, or from one programme to another, to continue your studies having already done a few semesters or papers, you are 'transferring your credits' from the papers you've already sat for to the requirements of the following papers.