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Can you live without a pancreas?

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No.It is impossible.Without it,the majority of the food will not be able to be digested.This cause you to have insufficient nutrients.You will not be able to live long.

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It is possible. It’s called diab

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Q: Can you live without a pancreas?
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Can kids live without their pancreas?


How do you live without a pancreas?

You will have to go for pancreas transplant.Even if you relys on medicine,you still cannot live long.

Why didn't Steve jobs have his pancreas removed?

You cannot live without a pancreas.

Can you live without both kidney and your pancreas?

No you fool.

Can you live without pancreas and gallbladder?

Gallbladder - yes. Pancreas - no, unless you have insulin replacement therapy.

Anyone living without a pancreas?

Yes I am. Finding it quite tough 7 months on and would love to have contact of others with no pancreas. Ta

Can a man live without a pancreas?

It is possible to live without your pancreas provided you take insulin to regulate blood sugar concentration and pancreatic enzyme supplements to aid digestion.

Can you live without the pancreas?

No. Your body needs. the pancreas to produce insulin and hormones. It is located near the liver.

How long can you live without your pancreas?

as long as any normal human being, but there is a way to live, you have to live on insulin because the pancreas produces insulin, so you would have to live by the needle

What digestive organ can you live without?

The Gallbladder, Stomach, Small and large intestine, and Pancreas are the only organ that you can live without

What organs in the digestive system can you live without?

The Gallbladder, Stomach, Small and large intestine, and Pancreas are the only organ that you can live without

What organs can a person not live without?

Brain, heart, liver, pancreas, both lungs

How long can you live with cancer of the pancreas?

can people live with cancer of the pancreas with treatment?

Can you live without your pancreas?

Yes, you can, but there are precautions you have to take. You need to remember to take your insulin and take meds to regulate the hormones the pancreas makes. Hope that helps!

Why can't pancreas be removed if someone has pancreas cancer?

The pancreas produces several important hormones and enzymes that are necessary for the body to function and digest food and nutrients. Therefore, the pancreas is a vital organ necessary for live, and someone can't live without it. In some instances, individuals have successfully received a pancreatic transplant.

Can you live without pancreas?

Yes, you can live without your pancreas. Your body would stop making the regular amounts of insulin your body needs to live, so you would need to take insulin shots regularly. Also, your pancreas makes digestive enzymes that your stomach uses to help break down food to digest, so you would need to take some sort of aid to help digest your food.

If a child is born without a pancreas does the baby require supplemental insulin?

Yes. Without a pancreas you will have diabetes and will require daily insulin. My cousin was born in 2007 without his pancreas and has an insulin pump.

Can you live without a pancreas and gallbladder and spleen?

You can live without the gallbladder. The gall bladder is "holding" bag for gall as is the urinary bladder is for urine. You can live without the spleen but the problem with that is that the spleen recycles blood cell components and acts as a reservoir for blood if much blood is lost. Without a pancreas, which makes insulin and glucagon, a person cannot regulate blood glucose levels on their own. They would become diabetic.

How do you digest food without a pancreas?

Without a pancreas, you would need to take a digestive enzyme (pill) before eating anything.

What does the pancreas control?

The pancreas controls the insulin and blood sugar levels in your body. Without a pancreas, you would be a type-1 diabetic.

Are you able to live without your pancreas?

The answer is NO, this is the main source for insulin, where it helps maintain your glucose level in your blood after you eat, and support by glucagon when you fasting. Imagine you lived without pancreas, uncontrolled glucose level in your blood will cause chaos for the whole circulatory system.

What organ relys on the pancreas?

The pancreas produces enzymes and hormones which help digest food. Therefore, the pancreas is important to the stomach and the intestines. They both would not function without the pancreas.

Why can't a person live without their pancreas?

The pancreas secrets enzymes and controls your bodies natural balance of insulin to maintain blood sugar. If it fails it can cause your internal organs to literally be dissolved by bodily fluids.

What happens if part of your pancreas dies?

you can still live a normal life with only part of your pancreas.

What are the main eternal organs you cant live without in the human body?

Heart, lungs, brain, liver, pancreas. -------------- Actually - you can live without the Pancreas but you have to take Insulin for the rest of your life. It is sometimes removed if cancerous. -------------- Yes, but I included it because the prognosis is exceptionally poor. It's not just insulin but glucagon, somatostatin, and all the exocrine digestive enzymes.