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Can you look at a older time with Google Earth?

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In Google Earth select 'Historical Imagery' under View menu. This shows a timeline slider from which to select available satellite and aerial imagery allowing you to travel back in time to see how things looked in the past.

As of GE 6.0 there is time indicator in the status bar [lower-left of the map] showing the oldest imagery available.

For example, if you're in London then you can jump to 1945 to see WWII imagery.

3-D Building layer

Note that the 3-D building layer are current buildings and not associated with any particular time period so you may want to turn off this layer otherwise it may not match well with the older imagery.

Newer Imagery

Sometimes there are actually newer imagery available in Historical Imagery due to Google's quality control process such as the newer image having more clouds or other defects making the older image "better".

Street View

Street View is not yet available in Historical Imagery to see older photographs.

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How can see Google Earth before 2003?

In Google Earth you see can the most current imagery available as well as older imagery that Google makes available. On average in the imagery found in Google Earth is 3 years old. In some parts of London and Berlin there are images dated back to 1940s. You can see what older imagery is available by turning on the 'Historical Imagery' option in the View menu which enables a time slider on the top-left from which you can select various dates.

Why do presidents look older over time?

Presidents look older over time because they have experienced stress of the politics and all the things a president has to do. Stress and depression causes you to look older.

How do you see older images on Google Maps?

Google Maps doesn't let you toggle between current and historical imagery as does Google Earth. In Google Earth select 'Historical Imagery' under View menu. This shows a timeline slider from which to select available satellite and aerial imagery allowing you to travel back in time to see how things looked in the past.

What time did Google Earth start?

Google Earth was originally called the Keyhole Viewer, which was created by a group of developers at a company called Keyhole that was acquired by Google in 2004.Google publically released Google Earth as version 3.0 in June 2005.

What is Google satellite compared to Google Maps and Google Earth?

"Google satellite" gives you, as the name says it, a satellite view of an area. This feature is integrated into Google Maps and Google Earth. The Maps' satellite view is not in real time, however.

How get real-time pics of Google Earth?

The aerial, satellite, and Street View imagery in Google Earth is not real-time (or live). But there is also a webcam layer integrated into Google Earth (enabled in Gallery layer) that can show "live" scenes at selected locations.

What is better Google Maps or Google Earth?

For some things Google Maps is better and for other things Google Earth is better. It depends on what you're trying to do. If you simply want to get driving directions from point A to point B then Google Maps is quick and easy. If you want to explore Mount Everest or the mountains on Mars then Google Earth is better to use. Google Earth is the heavy-weight application that you will tend to spend more time exploring and looking around, while Google Maps is streamlined to get quick answers.It also depends on which device you're using. For an older cellphone, the Google Earth app may not exist but Google Maps is available from any web browser. You use one or the other depending on what makes sense. Likewise, if you want to print large high-resolution maps then Google Earth Pro best supports that need. Use either Google Maps or Google Earth with the option to switch from one to other as needed. Google Earth has a "View in Google Maps" menu option for just that.

How does Google Street View on Google Earth differ from the one that is part of Google Maps?

The Street View images that are used are not necessarily taken at the same time as the images that are used in the mapping version of these online tools. Therefore one might be a couple of years older than the other.

How do you download new features for Google Earth?

There are countless sources of data to view in Google Earth. Best bet to going to the Google Earth Gallery, Google Earth Blog, or Google Earth Hacks. See everything from real-time earthquake feeds to tips using GE in stereo 3D. However, if you're interesting in customizing google earth in how it interacts with the user and data then try looking into the Google Earth API, which is a JavaScript API for Google Earth as a web-browser plugin. See related links section below.

Are Google earth pictures taken in real time?


Is Google Earth real-time?

The aerial, satellite, and StreetView imagery in Google Earth is not real-time (or live). In fact, the imagery is on average 1-3 years old.However, Google is making some layers such as traffic and weather available near real-time and refreshed every few hours.There is also a new webcam layer integrated into Google Earth that can show "live" scenes at selected locations.Also, there are third party data feeds such as real-time flight tracking available so over time more and more data are showing up in Google Earth and Google Maps.

How live is Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro uses the same imagery that the free version of Google Earth uses. Google's imagery is not real-time (on average it is three years old), but Google is making some layers such as traffic and weather available near real-time updated on an hourly basis in areas it is available.

How can you view Google Earth in the year 2000?

Google Earth Desktop application has a Historical Imagery view to display imagery from previous years. Historical Imagery can be enabled in the View menu of Google Earth or Google Earth Pro.Enable Historical Imagery then a time slider will appear on top-left showing the available times for imagery. Check if the year 2000 is included in the time slider and pick that time to change the time of the displayed imagery. Imagery in one area (city, country, etc.) for a given time does not guarantee imagery is available in another area.Historical Imagery is not available on the mobile Google Earth app.

Why is google earth using an older satellite photo of your house than a few years ago?

On average the image in Google Earth and Google Maps is 3 years old.This is largely due to the staggering size of the planet and data requirements to capture it all, and the lengthy time needed to process imagery from a variety of sources into the Google imagery database, in addition to the costs of getting the imagery. See related links for details.

How long is the driving time from Wilson NC to Somerset PA?

If You Get Google Earth Or Google Map Directions, You Will Find Out.

How do you get Google Earth to display day time instead of night time?

It always display daytime

What does Google Earth Clock do?

Google Earth Clock displays the time using different images of the earth to represent each number. Each individual image can be viewed and explored further by zooming in on that image.

How can you annoy your little sister?

Why would you want to do this? As the older one you should be nice to her and spend time with her. You are lucky to have a little sister that(or one day will) look up to you. When you get older you look back on this time you had with her.

What did earth look like during the Tertiary period?

how did the earth look during the Tertiary time period

Is there a program to view live Google Earth?

No. The pictures that make up Google earth are only taken occasionally for each location. Therefore it is impossible to see in real time.

Countrys 3 hours ahead of England?

One of the countries that is 3 hours ahead of England in time zones is Madagascar. Another is Kenya, and theres also Tanzania. You can look on google earth and look at the time zone setting for more countries. Hope this helped!:)

How can you find someone is in Mexico?

Use google earth. Its easy. i do it all the time! Just kidding. I Think google earth is ur best bet. or search police records!lol!

Can you look into buildings live on Google Earth?

While Google does not provide real-time imagery or street-view photographs, there are some near real-time layers such as weather and traffic.However, there is also a "live" webcam layer for selected areas under the Gallery layer called

Are there any planets older then earth?

No. Planets in solar system were created same time as earth was created. -The memory Guru of India

How do you make Google Earth show current time?

With Google Earth you can show the current time with respect to the day-night for sunlight of the Sun across the surface of the Earth. A time slider appears that you can change the time to animate the Sun's position at different times. Check the Sun option under the View menu. See related link below for more details.