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Moving the fat and flab that has been there for a while is very hard. You need to burn it off - ie exercise more than your daily calorie intake.

Therefore if you are eating a lot of yogurt and fruit, your calorie intake is still high and you are not burning off anything. You need to limit the amount of food to a healthy dosage. You also need to eat more than just fruit and yogurt to get the correct vitamins. Here a couple of tips:

Make sure you are eating low-fat low-sugar yogurt.

Eventhough fruit is healthy, it is also sweet which means sugar which turn into carbohydrates and fat. Limit yourself to no more than 4 pieces a day. Keep away from the very sweet fruits like pineapple and nectarines.

Try to eat some vegetables in there too but stay away from potatoes as they have high carbs. Make sure you have greens to keep your iron levels up which will give you energy while exercising.

Chicken without the skin will make you feel full but is not fattening and has no carbs. Tuna and grilled fish also help with this.

Eat cooked egg whites (discard the yolk on every second egg you eat as this has a higher fat intake than you want). Boiled eggs make a great snack.

You will lose the most weight in your second week of dieting. Remember the trick is to burn off MORE than you are eating.

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Q: Can you lose weight by eating nothing but yogurt and fruit and exercising?
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No, no, and no.

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Recent studies show yogurt DOES NOT help you lose weight. The dairy industry had to change their commercials that used to state eating yogurt everyday helps lose weight to eating yogurt everyday along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen helps to lose weight. In fact, studies have shown that everyday consumption of yogurt can cause reproductive cancers in females. Some studies were stopped early because of it. If you would like references to these studies please contact me.

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The yogurt diet entails eating a yogurt as a replacement meal for one or two of your regular meals a day. Yogurt has lower calories than most other foods.

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Yes; eating yogurt may treat BV.

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Eating fruit is healthy and eating yogurt is healthy so put them together and it is really healthy to eat fruit with yogurt.

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Greek yogurt helps in my weight lost but leaves me with a lot of gas.

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You may lose weight if you only eat small amounts, but you would be very unhealthy. The best way to lose weight is not to be lazy, and go exercise, and also have a very balanced diet, making sure you get in as many food groups as you can, and using the sugar and fat group as least as you can.

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In india there are people who believe eating yogurt before leaving home brings good luck.

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If you don't burn off those extra (and empty) calories, then yes, it most certainly will.

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Yogurt can kill bacteria because of certain enzymes that are naturally in it.

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yogurt helps fight off the bacteria and doesn't make it grow.

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yes. Too much yogurt can be too tough on your enzymes

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Losing Weight With A Yogurt Diet?

Yogurt is a great way to lose weight since it is low in calories but gives the stomach the impression that its full. By learning how to use yogurt to help you lose weight, you can lose weight with yogurt in no time at all. Replace one of your daily meals such as lunch or breakfast with a yogurt item. Replacing one of your daily meals will help you consume less calories, making it easier to lose weight. It is only possible to lose weight when your body is burning more calories then it takes in, so yogurt makes this goal easier to attain.

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no not any difference

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It does for me!

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I do not think so and doing this is fairly dangerous for your body. If you end up doing this, try exercising as well since that will help lose more weight.

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