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Can you lose weight by not eating for two weeks?



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Answer Yes, but not very much. Ceasing to eat is called a fast and after the first 2-3 days you will stop feeling hungry because your whole metabolism will change. You will be cold, tired, absent-minded, grumpy and dizzy. It isn't dangerous for your health if you drink enough water (at least 32 ounces when you are eating nothing) and it doesn't last over a month. But, it is best to speak with a doctor before starting one and it is a terrible way to lose weight. You will lost 1-2 pounds a week. So, your net total will be a loss of 2-4 pounds after two weeks. And, some people end up putting on a lot more weight after they start eating again. A better way is to cut down to 1200-1500 calories and get more exercise and lift some weights.