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Can you lose weight on a carrot juice diet If not then what juice?

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It absolutely does make you lose weight.As a matter of fact, Western Carrot, the most popular carrot in Japan, is very well balanced with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers.I think you know that dietary fiber is supposed to help your stomach to digest your food.The carrot juice diet recipe is good because you can absorb the only nutrition that your body needs, in one drink.It means, you will have a meal without unnecessary calories. The diet is as follows: Drink carrot juice and only carrot juice for breakfast. It will surprisingly fill you up. If you get hungry between breakfast and lunch, try 8 oz of pure acai juice from Costco (it turns out to be 6 bucks a bottle - you get two for 12 bucks). The carrot juice is also available at Costco for a little less I believe. The acai juice will boost your energy and metabolism the natural way with pure fruit. For lunch, eat modestly, no sodas, etc. Try to divided 1000 calories between lunch and dinner and include salads, etc. The two juices you'de drink in the morning only add up to about 400 calories. You will be eating a total of 1300-1400 of calories per day and it will be the most healthy way you can do so. Some people limit themselves to 1000 per day but have no nutrients and arnt really burning the fat and their metabolism just slows down. You'll be eating less calories with a lot more nutrients that will boost your metabolism to burn more fat.

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Will a juice diet for weight lose help my loss 5 pounds?

Well you will lose pounds quite quick on the juice diet. So you will be able to lose 5 pounds very easy when dieting with juice. Even though its not the healthiest, you will lose weight. Good luck!

How did Katie Price lose all her baby weight?

She went on a juice diet.

Which juice diet is the best to start?

A vegetable juice diet is the best way to go if you want a fast an efficient way to lose weight. Vegetables are very cheap to buy and you can make the juice at home.

How can you lose ten pound in two weeks on a juice diet?

You can lose that and more. I lost 9lbs in 7 days on my current juice diet and 9.5 inches. A juice diet is a great way to lose weight and once you have experienced the detox effect your body will be ride of the toxins that make you crave bad foods.

Can you lose weight on an only carrot diet?

you might but you might get sick because carrots dont have enough nutrients for a person to only eat them. try a vegitable diet.

If you are on a juice diet how much weight can you lose?

Depends on how many calories you drink. 1000 calories a day for a week: you can lose 7 pounds

Can you have a fruit juice with no added sugar if you are on a diet?

Some people need to go to a diet with more fiber to lose weight and fruit juice has no fiber. Others need to worry more about carbohydrates and fruit has carbs.

Is the lemon juice diet a safe way to lose weight?

No, this diet is not a safe way to lose weight. The way you can judge this yourself is by asking, can I live off this diet over a long period of time. If the answer is no then the diet is not safe for you. I would suggest that you go to a dietitian if you would like to safely lose weight. They will be able to set you up with a diet that safely limits the number of calories while recommending exercise as well.

Which fruite juice can loose wheight?

None. Fruit juice does not make you lose weight, though you can use it as part of a controlled diet.

Can carrot juice help to reduce weight?

First of all, carrots are infused with a lot of vitamins, and those vitamins can have a certain detrimental effect if too much carrots are consumed. Second, if carrot juice(real carrot juice not those juices that only taste like carrots) is combined with a healthy diet, in moderate consumption (1-2 glasses a day) can be used to lose weight, of course you will also need some physical activity, like running or going to the gym every second day, not just one day in the will which will just get you sore and has no effect.

What are two possible reasons to go on a juice diet?

There are a few reasons one may want to go on a diet of just fruit juice. Fruit juice can act as a cleanser and clean ones system. Another reason would be if someone wanted to lose weight. A juice diet for a short term can help one shed pounds.

Does lime juice lose weight?

It will as it evaporates.

Will lemon juice help lose weight?


What are the differences between diet on diet and in diet?

A diet is a pattern of eating behavior. People frequently refer to their diet when they are attempting to lose weight. A person who is dieting (attempting to lose weight) is "on a diet." "In diet" is grammatically incorrect.

What are some effective but unhealthy ways to lose weight?

Some effective but unhealthy ways to lose weight would be to go on a juice diet. Only drink liquids, don't eat solid food. Make the liquids matter, though. Juice your own fruits and vegetables for nutrients.

Why do people diet?

people diet to gain or lose weight

What is eaten on the Master Cleanse Diet?

The Master Cleanse diet claims to be a way to lose weight and detoxify one's body. The basic feature of this diet is the combination of lemon juice, maple syrup, and Cayenne pepper.

Is a person on a diet trying to lose weight or mass?


Is there a hypoglycemic weight loss diet?

How can I lose weight if I am hypoglycemic?

Switching to a Juice Weight Loss Diet?

A juice weight loss diet is usually not used as a long term solution to weight loss, but rather a sort of kickstart to a weight loss plan. If you want to try a weight loss plan based on juicing, you want to slow down your calorie intake for a week leading up and then juice your favorite fruits and vegetables for a week or two. You will lose a lot of weight, but it's important to make sure that you get some protein, too and get plenty of exercise so that you don't lose too much muscle and organ weight.

What other weight loss diets lose popularity besides the Atkins weight loss diet?

Some other diets that have lost popularity are; the Paleolithic diet, the pasta chocolate diet, the Zen diet, and the twelve day grapefruit juice diet. These diets have lost popularity due to the health risks they cause.

Can pickle juice help you lose weight?

No. Eating less and exercising more will help you lose weight.

Is there a way to lose weight without exercising?

Watch your diet. Only drink water, no soda or juice (there is a lot of calories in juice) But do not starve yourself, contact your Dr. or a dietitian so that you get enough nutrients.I believe that is not possible because your body needs a balance of a diet. So what that means is that a way to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise. In addition, be patient to get results.

What is a good fluid diet?

A good fluid diet is a diet where u drink fluids that not only help u lose weight but clear out your body of toxins that prevent you from loosing weight. For example going on a cranberry juice diet clears ur body of toxins and gives u plenty of antioxidants. just don't drink cranberry juice cocktail. PURE. SUGAR. It won't help u at all in losing weight.

Can you lose weight on Atkins diet?