Can you lose weight on a carrot juice diet If not then what juice?

It absolutely does make you lose weight.As a matter of fact, Western Carrot, the most popular carrot in Japan, is very well balanced with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers.I think you know that dietary fiber is supposed to help your stomach to digest your food.The carrot juice diet recipe is good because you can absorb the only nutrition that your body needs, in one drink.It means, you will have a meal without unnecessary calories. The diet is as follows: Drink carrot juice and only carrot juice for breakfast. It will surprisingly fill you up. If you get hungry between breakfast and lunch, try 8 oz of pure acai juice from Costco (it turns out to be 6 bucks a bottle - you get two for 12 bucks). The carrot juice is also available at Costco for a little less I believe. The acai juice will boost your energy and metabolism the natural way with pure fruit. For lunch, eat modestly, no sodas, etc. Try to divided 1000 calories between lunch and dinner and include salads, etc. The two juices you'de drink in the morning only add up to about 400 calories. You will be eating a total of 1300-1400 of calories per day and it will be the most healthy way you can do so. Some people limit themselves to 1000 per day but have no nutrients and arnt really burning the fat and their metabolism just slows down. You'll be eating less calories with a lot more nutrients that will boost your metabolism to burn more fat.