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the best way to lower the fps on a sniper rifle would be to reduce the type of spring you are using. has a whole bunch to pick from to decide what type of FPS you're looking for.

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The only way to decrease an airsoft fps is to buy larger grade pellets such as .25 gram. Otherwise, just buy a pistol with a lower fps.

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go to an airsoft shop and ask for an fps reducer ther only like 25 bucks for a good one

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Q: Can you lower the fps on a airsoft sniper?
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What spring airsoft pistol has the highest fps rate?

I don't no about spring, but the Green Gas M700 Sniper Rifle Competition Professional Airsoft gun, has 720-FPS!!!! And the, Spring CSI L96 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle, has 550-FPS. They are both from, Hobby

Which airsoft gun should you get a spring ak47 fps-300 airsoft gun or a m14 spring sniper rifle fps 390 airsoft gun?

go for the m14, unless its cheap looking.

Which hurts more a 550 fps airsoft sniper or a daisy red ryder?

Pain is relative.

A cheap airsoft sniper rifle that has atleast 400 fps?

Most of the guns listed here will shoot around 400 fps or above. Expensive guns are around $300-$800.

What is better a double eagle m50 sniper rifle airsoft bb gun or a warrior mb-01 l96 airsoft sniper rifle?

Personally, I would get the Well MB01 L96 because it has better performance. It gets 500+ fps while the DE M50 gets about 315 - 325 fps. For a Sniper, you want a good fps to get better accuracy.

What is the best airsoft spring sniper rifle you can get with about 400 fps for around 100 dollars?

MB03 by well

What does fps limit mean Fps maximum or minimum airsoft based For example the fps limit on the GF Arena is 350 FPS Should I go higher or lower?

350 or lower

What is the best Airsoft Sniper with atleast 450 fps for under 200?

upgraded JG BAR10, the gun comes stock around $110

What gas does the uhc super x-9 gas airsoft sniper rifle use?

Green gas or Propane. Green Gas offers lower fps and much more expensive for the price but Propane is alot cheaper and a lot more fps. Propane smells really bad though

What fps is a M3000 airsoft shotgun?

280 fps

What is better for an airsoft war a 500 fps ak47 or a 530 fps sniper?

Why the hell would you buy a 500fps ak47? The internals will be torn to bits unless they are like top of the line internals. But if you are going for the sniper position, I would go with the sniper. If you are caught mid-way and cant decide, A&K makes a 500fps Dragunov.

How much muzzle velocity FPS does it take for an airsoft sniper with 2 gram plastic pellets to go through a soda can?

Depending on the distance 10 yards im sure 300fps fps will go through the can