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I have seen many pools with spray nozzles that spray return water as a mist over the surface of the pool. If the circulation pump is turned on at night when the outside air temp drops, the misted water releases some of its heat into the atmosphere, and it falls into the pool at a cooler temp.

The best way to cool your water in the summer is to buy fountains that plug into the outlets that carry water from the pump. Besides being famous for cooling the water, they are pretty.

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Sure, but it will take a lot of dry ice to make a noticeable difference in the temperature. The amount required would depend on how much water is in the pool and how much you want to cool it, but for anything larger than an inflatable kiddy pool it'll take a lot of dry ice.

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Q: Can you lower the temperature of a warm swimming pool by adding dry ice to the water?
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How does adding salt to water affect the temperature?

It does not affect the temperature of the water, but solutes raise the boiling point and lower the freezing point.

What happens if you put water into salt water?

Salt will dissolve in water. Adding salt will lower the temperature of water by a few degrees Celsius as well as lower the freezing point.

Why does salt water have to reach a lower colder temperature to freeze?

This phenomenon is called freezing point depression. Adding a solute (salt) to a solvent (water) the vapour pressure of water decrease; a new equilibrium is obtained at a lower temperature than 0 oC.

Why do you get cold when you go swimming?

The water temperature is lower than your body. It is usually around 80 degrees. This difference makes you cold.

How does adding salt to water affect its freezing degree and why?

Adding salt to water depresses its freezing point. Water freezes at 0 oC but adding salt to it will make the intermolecular water to water bonds more difficult to form. The salt disrupts the structure of the solid water. Therefore, water freezes at a lower temperature if it has impurities added.

Does adding chemicals to water increase temperature?

It depends what

Which has a lower temperature ice water or ice?

Ice water has a lower temperature, but if you have plain water, and the ice water melts, it's likely that you'll have two glasses of water of the same temperature.

Does drinking water boil at a lower temperature than salt water?

Yes, drinking water does boil at a lower temperature than salt water.

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