Can you lower your deductible prior to a surgery if you haven't yet seen a doctor for the condition?

You can apply to any company any time for changes! The question is - will you be approved? It's NOT relevant whether you see the surgeon first or not. You have symptoms that you know are a problem. Read over the application carefully... most companies even have a "catch all" question that asks if there are any problems they didn't ask about. They also often ask if there is any future treatment recommended.

What is your condition?

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I've already got coverage and I don't want to switch companies. Just wondering about lowering the deductible.

The questionairre I filled out and the phone interview asked the questions that you mentioned. As I said, I disclosed the condition (perianal fistula) and was granted coverage without any exemption on this condition. I wasn't actually suffering from the condition at the time of application. Have not had a problem with it since 1999 in fact. Have had this coverage since 2003. Surgery was recommended if there were future flare- ups, but it wasn't known if there would be flare-ups or not, as a matter of fact, this appears to be totally unrelated to the first one (differrent location). I had insurance at the time of the 1st problem, but with a different company. I had no lapse in coverage, I switched directly from one company to the other.

I re-read your reply and finally a light went on. What you're saying is I'll basically have to re-apply to lower the deductible and then disclose the condition I have NOW, even thought it's technically not been diagnosed this time.

Can they consider it pre-existing and not cover it at all (at the current deductible) since I disclosed it on the first application and they didn't exclude it?